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Props & Columns

Define spaces and create distinction at your large scale celebration by adding a point of interest to really astonish your guests. Visit and choose among our extensive variety of props and columns to add a dash of fab to your event.

Whether you are having an outdoor event like a wedding, or if you have an indoor party like a ball, column props will add a wow factor that’s impossible to miss. In our LED Colums category, you will be able to find different illuminated columns for sale to showcase a luminescent feature, perfect for any nighttime celebration and to give a magical ambiance to the room. In case you are looking to buy columns for decorations in the photo studio, then head over to our Gold Props & Columns and find great sculptures to use for any of your photography needs. You can find stands, vases, columns and more in many shapes and sizes.

Need a hand? We can help you ease the burden of planning a grand affair. At you can buy roman columns, Styrofoam columns, spandex columns and crystal columns wholesale with the beautiful designs, high quality and low prices that we are known for. Visit us to get these and any other party accessories to make your vision come true.

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