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Regalia Sequin Ribbon

Still don’t know where to buy a sequin ribbon? Then you may not have heard about our regalia ribbons made from dazzling sequin circles intricately stitched with iridescent fabric. Despite their surprisingly low price, their regal appearance will impart an extravagant look to your headpieces, outfits, centerpieces, pew bows, regalia flowers, and favors.

Depending on your creative aspirations, you can choose between our 10 yards 19mm paillette trim spool string sequin ribbon or 80 yard decorative wedding party sequin trim (which is 1/8 inches wide). Moreover, all our regalia ribbons are available in a plethora of colors, so that you’ll never be disappointed, whether you need gold sequin ribbon, white sequin ribbon, or even orange decorative wedding party sequin trim.

Once you attach one of our trims to form a “regalia finish”, feel free to shine the spotlight on these glinting beauties and win over all of your guests hearts!   

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