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Find the best craft flowers and ribbon roses for your party, reception or favors! We offer packages containing 144 ribbon roses, with 12 roses wrapped around each 3 inch stem. Use the roses in the whole bunch as part of your table decorations, flower arrangements, or corsages. Pull apart the individual satin ribbon roses to use as a part of a favor decoration. All of these individual ribbon roses make lovely accents for your invitations or favors. Looking for a large, bulk selection of craft flowers? We offer minute ribbon roses wholesale priced so there are plenty to work with. Some packs include 288 mini ribbon roses for decorations, DIY favors and whatever else you desire. Choose from delicate buds at just 6/8 inch or lovely mini blooming satin ribbon roses measuring an inch each for added touch to your favors. For your larger projects, we offer 5 inch bunches with five separate roses in the perfect, pristine mid bloom state. These satin ribbon rose bunches are perfect to use for favors and flower accessories for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary celebration. Mix and match colors to match your theme, or mix sizes and blooms of roses. Have the DIY wedding favors all picture perfect, just like your day will be, with the ribbon roses wholesale selection here at