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Sequin Table Skirts

When the Duchess puts out an invite, she is sure to make her feast / celebration / party truly a feat of imagination. She decorates a plain table with her Luxury sequin table skirt into a stunning beauty that is perfect for greeting Dignitaries, VIPs and Superstars. Who wouldn't feel super honored and special once the have sat on such a lovely sparkling decorative table skirt?

This is our rich shimmering Champagne tones of our two most unique textured items decorative table skirt and sequin table skirt. Our newly redesigned fancy table skirts twist and turns mimic the rolling Wave Satin for a match made in linen heaven.

This unassuming champagne sequin table skirt proves that an understated color palette can make a massive impact! We have combined champagne sequin table skirt with the decorative table skirt and fancy table skirts to create the ultimate in luxury. The Payette Champagne Sequin backdrop and matching champagne sequin table skirt is an amazing answer to adding sparkle to your guests of honor table!

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