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Skirt Clips


Table skirting clip are very popular for use during banquets, weddings, restaurant functions, and even trade shows. Most table skirt choices feature a hook and loop strip along the back of the skirting, which then has to be attached to a hook and loop receptive clip for your table skirt to stay in place. These banquet table skirt clips have a hook-side fastener on the front face, which attaches to a loop-side fastener sewn into your table skirting header. This design allows you to attach your table skirt easily! These table skirt clips velcro is ideal for use with our banquet table skirt clips, which feature elegant box pleats for a polished look.

These banquet table skirt clips are constructed from plastic and feature ridges on the underside, preventing them from sliding off of your linen table toppers. The curled design of the clips hooks with ease onto most table edges, up to 1.25" in thickness. The table skirt clips velcro is perfect for those tables with a thicker edge, as well. With their clear plastic make, not only are the table skirt clips durable, however, they are almost invisible when clipped onto table toppers and skirt. Use banquet table skirt clips in conjunction with table linens at your next function for quick & easy setup.

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