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Silk Petals

If you want to let yourself and your guests walk with a sense of beauty and happiness, there’s no need to ask the event planners you know where to buy rose petals decorations– instead, you can just stop by! You’ll soon realize that it won’t cost you a lot to transform your reception hall into a bed of roses that never withers or fades away. Our fake rose petals for sale are a perfect blend of human creativity and life-like appearance.

If you scatter our silk butterfly petal confetti all over your walkways, you may find your guests stopping just to admire how adorable they look! Meanwhile, you can show your guests some love and appreciation with our silk heart petal confetti table aisle decoration or complement your autumn theme with our fall maple leaf petals. In case you’re looking for something traditional, we offer white rose petals for wedding – their timeless appeal will symbolize the beginning of a loving marriage, which is stronger than even time itself!

All our bags of rose petals include no fewer than 500 pieces, which is the right amount to make a dramatic splash on your décor. Whether you intend to make a trail of petals or scatter them, we have plenty to fill your needs.  To learn how ridiculously inexpensive our artificial flower petals are, pay a visit to!

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