Vase Fillers

Vase Fillers

Are you looking forward to adorn your beautiful bowls and vases with enticing vase fillers and orbs in every imaginable shape and shade? Look no further than our exquisite vase fillers collection that will significantly step up your centerpiece game.

Give your stylish vases a look other than the typical bouquet of flowers by using our sumptuous vase fillers and enhance the beauty of your decorative showpieces. Looking to impart a light show at your event, opt for our submersible led vase lights and transform your plain vases into a source of whimsical lights. Bring a bubbly, colorful, and exciting twist to your home or event decorations by filling your vases with our vase jelly fillers and bedazzle your guests with our sparkling acrylic ice beads that mimic the elegance of real ice and transform your ordinary vases and bowls into vibrant masterpieces. Impart a truly earthy elegance into your flower pots and vases by incorporating our gravel vase fillers and give your beach weddings, landscape decoration, colored glass mulch in pot plants and succulent gardens a crisp and creative look. Infuse vitality of jungle beauty into your party space with our plume ostrich feathers or pick our ostrich feathers fringe trims and glue them on your vases, cake stands, candles, invites, handicrafts, etc. for giving them a fanciful touch, or you can also sew them on your dresses, costumes, and masks for that mystic effect and leave your guests simply awe-inspired by your exciting designing taste of decoration. Satisfy your crafty soul by bringing a quirky twist with our natural Goose Gold Dipped Feathers and liven up your DIY craft and party decoration projects. Planning to throw a snow party in summers, opt for our instant snow powder and glam your vases and centerpieces up.

We at efavormart strive to provide top-notch decorative accents to help you elegantly accessorize your centerpieces. Browse through our stellar collection of vase fillers to accentuate your glass containers or use them as they are, scattered all over the table and unleash the artist inside you.

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