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STYLE ME Ruffle Trims

Make your wedding truly special by imparting your personal touch to it. Our wedding fabrics and trims are designed to make your party decorations come alive. It does not matter what the theme of your event is – as nobody can forget a ruffled tablecloth wedding! When you use ruffled lace trim to complement your fabrics – you enhance the festivities in your own special way.

We know that you cannot go wrong with organza ruffle trim. This is why we offer ruffle lace trim with organza and glitter - white that can add charm to your table runners and chair bows. It has a glitter line in the middle to give a sheen to your drapery. If you want more shine for your head table - our ruffle lace trim with sequin beads - ivory fits the bill as it blends well with drapery of any color while attracting the attention of your guests to the centerpiece. For all your other decorations – we have ruffle lace trim with satin fabric - white that is subdued and has a classy appeal to add elegance anywhere!

We want every item in your grand soiree to look and feel beautiful. Our ruffle lace with flower edged organza - ivory is a unique way to add pretty flowers to the celebrations. These tiny flowers on your tables, walls, and ceiling will change the mood of your guests instantly and make them smile! Keep the happiness alive with our ruffle trim with satin and silver lining - white as it adds a unique accent to all your drapes while enhancing the mood of your guests.

At, we understand how important it is for you to add a touch of sophistication to your party decor. Our ruffle ribbon trim is intricately designed to impart unprecedented elegance to any drapery. Visit us and explore our wide range of exquisite designs crafted in the latest styles to match your creativity!

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