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Glass Vases


Showcase a few stems or small bouquets in the classic staple of every florist and crafters, the simple yet always reliable Glass Vases. Experience versatility and value all wrapped up in these gorgeous and elegantly shaped vases to fit your flower decorating needs. Advance your styling by incorporating your very own creative touch with simple accents to your home decor. These vases are fashioned to stimulate your own creativeness, whether you fill them with fresh or silk flowers or let them stand on their own.

Embrace fashion and fancy in the most modern manner by adorning your party and home space with this inexpensive mercury glass vases in bulk masterpiece. Crafted from heavy-duty premium quality clear glass in 6x6 cylinder vase frame, and fashioned in modish design by molding three single-stemmed vases together, this bedazzling beauty is a perfect blend of whimsy and delicacy.

The very sight of this unique 24 inch trumpet vase accent piece will leave your guests astonished at the creative aesthetics behind its formation. Adorn them with single stem flowers, picks, sprays, succulents, feathers and plants to create one of a kind floral arrangement, or swathe with 6x6 cylinder vase and fill with multi-colored sand, glitter, acrylic crystals, pearls, and other flamboyant gems to wow your guests manifold!

Eiffel Tower in Paris is a landmark of elegance, tradition, and magnificence. Our selection of miniature 24 inch eiffel tower vases bulk will convey that exotic French charm into your ordinary tabletops and event settings. Our durable and high-quality glass white eiffel tower vases are slender footed vases which are a picture-perfect option for tall, slim floral arrangements. The clear, see-through attribute of these broad glass cylinder vases allows you to amplify its splendor by adding some decorative gems and pearls in the base.

Emphasize your conventional decor with glass vases, and let your fabulous decorations for your home speak about you. These vases are not only great for your interiors, but they are also perfect as gifts. Here at Efavormart you’ll find a huge range of vase materials and matching embellishments to choose from, as well as an assortment of styles, sizes, and shapes. Check out our vast collection of vases and find the ideal one (or two) that suits your home decor.

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