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Table Runners


Back in the Middle Ages, when people would wipe their faces on tablecloths, table runners were invented to catch all the dropped food and spills. Since we no longer dine like medieval kings and queens today, table runners are often used for décor, rather than to protect a tablecloth. Whether you want to add some colors to a plain table setting or harmonize bold hues of a tablecloth, look no further than our collection of high-quality table runners.

Available in an enormous variety of fabrics and colors, our budget-friendly table runners can adorn any occasion, from an informal gathering to an upscale event. Before making a choice, consider what effect you’re looking to achieve.  You can bring a translucent touch with our crystal organza table runner, styled with encrusted buckle pins, or “illuminate” your Big Day with our extravagant sequin runner collection.  If you’d like to add some texture, we can help you with our charming rosette table runners. Not using a tablecloth? Our jute burlap table runners are a smart choice to accentuate your wooden table and impart a rustic flair to your event. Whatever your purpose, remember to select the right color to complement your venue setting.

With our fascinating table runners, combining tablecloths, napkins, and chair sashes is easier than ever. What’s more, all our fabric products, such as tablecloths, chair covers, and runners, are reusable, which can considerably lower your decoration expenses for future events.  Shop to find more options to dress up your events at wholesale prices!

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