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White Props & Columns

Our column decoration ideas will make your wedding day truly special.  You may use our wedding columns as they are - or add embellishments like silk roses, lace, ribbons or LED lights to make your celebration truly extravagant! Our pillars for wedding ceremony are available in a wide range of sizes to complement the theme of your reception.

Add a shimmer to your entry passage with our mirror and pearls centerpiece lining it – and its tiny mirrors reflecting the images of your guests walking by! Continue this ambiance in your banquet - with our pearl studded wedding centerpiece decorated with candles, lights or artificial flowers! Now add glamour to your party with our sparkling flower ball holder – to add a majestic sheen to your celebrations!

Our silver mosaic tabletop centerpiece will enhance the elegance of your dining table. Its unique shape will coordinate perfectly with any kind of dinnerware! Now extend this classy touch with our Roman wedding plant stands providing an imperial touch to your ensemble – as they are placed at strategic points in your venue. Don’t forget, our Roman PVC columns extension can be a beautiful backdrop for your photo shoot!

At, we strive to offer you wedding pillar decorations that are beautiful, durable and easy to set up. We provide them in a vast array of designs for you to choose from. Visit us to select the ones that suit your personal style and be prepared to wow your guests!

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