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Wholesale Organza pull string bows ribbon for weddings

Want to embellish your favors, balloons, candles, or other accessories? It’s a cinch if you use pull bow ribbons from efavormart! The shiny, glitzy surface of these organza pull bows ribbon for weddings are perfect to accommodate the fashionista needs of a busy bride.

These trims are easy-to-use even for those who don’t know how to make a pull bow out of a ribbon – you’ll need just to cut a piece of a pull ribbon, put the two ends together, pull out those two white strings at the bottom, and you’re done! Our 1/8'' pull ribbons are available in 50 yards per spool, which’s enough for plenty of fabulous bows.

In case you’re short on time and looking for pre-made fabric bows wholesale, you won’t leave our online store without finding what you're looking for – with our ready-made Pull String ribbon bows with 36 adorable pieces per set, you’ll save plenty of time! Both pull ribbons or ribbon bows come in a huge variety of colors, so it doesn’t matter whether your idea calls for a coral orange, fuchsia or mint green ribbon, we’ve got them all!

To find more colors and ribbon options, please stop by!

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