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Window Treatment Curtains

You can provide a surreal atmosphere at your wedding with our blackout curtains white. They can add a whimsical sophistication to any event. Also remember, we offer the best blackout curtains that would provide an ideal backdrop to your photo shoot. These party decoration drapes are available in various styles to match the theme of your reception!

Our sage green thermal blackout curtains will revamp your banquet space effortlessly – as this unique color will complement any decor! In addition to beauty, our white/turquoise cabana stripe blackout curtains will keep the outside heat and cold away – reducing your energy bills while enhancing the comfort of your guests. Besides functionality, our charcoal grey thermal blackout curtains have leafy vines embossed on them – to bring in the beauty of nature as the perfect backdrop to your wedding images!

Add freshness to your function with our white/lavender lattice print blackout curtains – as this color has a refreshing appeal. Also, our black/white lattice print thermal curtains will help to insulate your venue and block outside noise – to let you enjoy your music without any disturbance! All this is possible as our white thermal blackout curtains are made of innovative triple weave technology – that provides them an added layer for protecting against heat, light and unwanted sound transfer!

At, we strive to offer innovative solutions to all your problems. Our wedding curtains and backdrops are functional yet beautiful. They will keep your party surroundings comfortable while adding to their elegance and sophistication. Visit us and we will ensure that you are completely prepared for your special event!

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