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Wood Planter Boxes, either in the shape of a cube, square and rectangular has been widely used recently. Wood Planter Boxes Wholesale is the most appropriate container to be used on a green corner (patio, deck, indoor green section, countertop, bookshelf). It instantly creates warmth and coziness feel. The planter is a great fit for your farm-style home décor. For all the modern urban home décor lover, the Wood Planter Boxes Wholesale is an easy and practical decoration for the contemporary house. Incorporate the natural beauty of outdoor patio planters into your landscape and garden.

Add container planting to your repertoire with plant boxes and barrels that are an effortless addition to make with 14"x5" Whitewash Rectangular Wood Planter Box Set With Removable Plastic Liners. These outdoor garden Wood Planter Boxes easily fit into the organic aesthetic of outdoor settings and are durable for exterior use. Choose a style, fill with your favorite plants, and enjoy wood planters that overflow with exquisite beauty.

They incorporate elements of nature into lovely containers that go on to foster more life. The assortment of outdoor planters and planter benches above includes styles that complement traditional, contemporary and transitional - or non-specific - architecture with 4 Pack | 11x6'' Natural Rectangular Wood Planter Box Set With Removable Plastic Liners. Even the simple addition of two outdoor Wood Planter Boxes on a front stoop will work wonders for curb appeal. These containers are great for all of your favorite planting projects. Flowers, herbs, greens, vines, small shrubs, and multi-plant arrangements will all thrive in our outdoor wooden planters.

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