2 Pack | 20" White Urn Planter, Floral Pedestal Flower Pot Plant Stand - PVC

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Quantity: 2 Urn Planters
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Fully Assembled Height: 19.5"
Total Width: 11.75"
Depth: 10.25"
Thickness: 2mm

Each Planter Pot is made of 3 Parts that can be broken down:

  • Top Part
  • Middle Part
  • Bottom Part
  • Two Installation Methods: It is easy to install. You can set it up in two ways as shown in the item pics.


    Pedestal Flower Column Pots

    Our Roman Inspired Flower Pedestal Column Pots are specially designed with high quality plastic to bring the glorious illumination of Roman architecture into your home décor or special events, imparting a grand imperial touch to your indoor or outdoor space and ambiance.


    Classy Look and Versatile in Decor

    Classy in construction and versatile in décor options, you can use these beauties as standalone accent pieces as well as to display flowers and greenery. Place natural plants and flowers in these pots or decorate with our disposable garlands, ivies, roses, daisies, Manzanita Trees, ribbons and other accessories to impart a completely enchanting look to your decoration. With magnificent craftsmanship, these pots are surely going to outshine the swankiest of embellishments.


    Multi purpose

    Place these pots by your passage way or stage side, reminding of the past, while colorful flowers and plants contrast with them, bringing an innovation of the present time. Rejuvenate your guests’ spirits and festive mood with these pretty pots bedazzling them with their exultant radiance!


    Additional Information:

    • Top Part:
      • Height: 10.25"
      • Top/Base Diameter: 11.75" | 3.5"
      • Depth: 10.25"
      • Thickness: 2mm
    • Middle Part:
      • Height: 4.75"
      • Top/Base Diameter: 7.25" | 3"
      • Thickness: 2mm
    • Bottom Part:
      • Height: 9.25"
      • Top Diameter: 2.75"
      • Base Size: 9"L x 9"W
      • Base Depth: 9"
    • Two Planter Urn per order, each planter is made of 3 Parts. So should have a total of 6 Parts.
    • No Instruction Manual, Easy Setup
    • Top is a Twist-Lock for Secure Assembly
    • Uses: Wedding, Party, Event, Home, Stage Decoration, Garden, Passageways