Choose The Perfect Artificial Plants

A Complete Artificial Flowers Selection Guide

Artificial Plants
are an essential décor feature to enhance the interior and give the environment a lively and vibrant touch with the added benefit of low maintenance and care. If you are one of those people who love natural greenery but the allergens force you to keep your distance, then artificial plants and trees are a great alternative. Though, the plethora of varieties available to choose from gives you many options to skillfully create artistic artificial plant arrangements, it also makes selecting the right artificial potted plants a challenge. But don’t worry! We have highlighted some key points and tips for you to consider before you go hunting for artificial plants to enliven your dull and boring spaces.

choose the perfect artificial plants

1). Consider the Placement

When choosing artificial plant decor, it is crucial to keep their placement in mind. There are different varieties of indoor and outdoor artificial plants and trees. If you plan to use artificial plants and flowers in places where there is abundant sunlight such as your front porch, backyard or even a sunny window, you should opt for our UV protected artificial plants which will not fade away with time and give an elegant flair to your outdoor or sunny areas. However, our artificial indoor potted plants are an ideal choice to illuminate all your shady spots and spaces. 

Moreover, artificial house plants can be placed on kitchen countertops, consoles, coffee tables and, bookshelves as posh accents to your interior. Pick the right style, design, and arrangement of artificial plants to adorn your intended space. For instance, accentuate your fireplace mantel with our stunning artificial hanging plants that will give a modern and contemporary feel to your living room. Use mini artificial plants from efavormart to add a chic flair to your plain coffee tables without them being too obtrusive. If you plan to use artificial succulent plants as ornaments for your hanging terrariums then using small artificial plants is a good idea.  

choose the perfect artificial plants

2). Keep Your Interior Design in Mind

Artificial green plants breathe life into your home décor. Whether you want to brighten up your living room or add a splash of color in your bedroom, opt for artificial indoor plants that match with your interior design to give a cohesive look to your décor. To enhance a Scandinavian interior, use our artificial succulent plant arrangements that will give a sophisticated look to your minimalist style living room décor.  For a contemporary and modish interior, modern artificial plants such as our spiky Crassula artificial plant or mixed artificial succulent plants will give a sleek touch and add freshness to your home décor. To complement your rustic-style décor, opt from our artificial potted plants that resonate with your interior.

choose the perfect artificial plants

3). Choose the Appropriate Material

Artificial plants are made of various materials to replicate the fresh versions. Choosing the appropriate material is another important factor to consider when looking to buy artificial plants for living room and interior décor. Large artificial plants available at efavormart look exceptionally real which makes them an ideal choice. Along with having the same texture and aesthetics as live plants, they are also easy to clean and maintain which is a key feature to consider before investing in artificial plants and trees. Similarly, our artificial plants for home are also delicate looking with intricate detailing on each leaf and have an organic feel to them. Pick the material that works well with your artificial plant arrangements to give a realistic look to your décor.   

choose the perfect artificial plants

4). Select Natural-Colored Artificial Plants

Artificial green plants come in various hues but not all can be found in nature. Add striking decorative accents to your living room, dining area, kitchen countertops, and office desks by choosing artificial plants and trees with realistic shades and color gradations which make them look just like their live counterparts. Our artificial succulent plants feature various hues that exhibit the utmost grace and elegance of nature.

choose the perfect artificial plants

5). Choose Different Varieties

One of the best advantages of artificial house plants is that they are available in various varieties and types regardless of the season. To elegantly style artificial plant decor, use different varieties in varying sizes, shapes and colors for a more natural and dramatic effect. Experiment by grouping clusters of artificial succulent plants and artificial cactus plants to boost their impact.

However, if you would like to showcase any single type of artificial floor plants with no other distractions then opt for our artificial potted plant to let it shine through your décor and create a striking impression. 

choose the perfect artificial plants

6). Select the Perfect Accent Plants

Accent plants play an essential role in spotlighting artificial plant arrangements. Revitalize your outdoor artificial plants by choosing the right accents to harmonize with your artificial plants and trees. Our preserved moss for artificial plants will create a perfect symphony with exotic foliage and will give an interesting and realistic look. Artificial moss plants will not only add another textural accent, but it will also make your artificial potted plants strikingly eye-catching. You can also opt to creatively anchor your artificial indoor plants in moss-covered rocks to imbue a life-like feel. Selecting perfect accents to accentuate your stunning artificial plants can make a significant difference and transform your ordinary looking arrangement into a breathtaking one.


choose the perfect artificial plants

With these key factors and points to guide you through, picking the right artificial plants that add freshness and radiance to your spaces is quite easy. We hope that we have helped you single out the best artificial plants that work well with your interior design. Check out our stunning collection of artificial plants to brighten up and reinvigorate your monotonous spots.