Choose The Perfect Backdrops

A Complete Backdrops Selection Guide

There is no doubt that a majestic photo backdrop is one of the main and significant features of an event. Choosing a perfect backdrop for your event can be overwhelming as it is probably the first thing that your guests will notice when they enter. Your backdrop should be aesthetically pleasing and reflect elegance and grandeur. Therefore, your picture backdrop selection should be well-thought-out while keeping in mind all the crucial factors that could impact the overall look and feel. There are many factors to consider before picking a backdrop for your event, such as the color scheme, venue setting, season and the theme of your event. With a wide variety of backdrops available, it can be hard to select the right one. We have gathered some important points for you to consider that will surely help you pick and create a sensational backdrop ideas for your event. 

outdoor wedding backdrop

1). Consider Your Venue Settings

Before selecting your party backdrop, you should first consider your venue settings and then evaluate your options accordingly. Whether your event is an outdoor event or if you plan to throw a party in a banquet hall, you need to consider several factors that will affect the look of the backdrop.

There is a wide range of backdrops that can be used for Indoor settings. Many event venues have a standard regular 12ft ceiling which is optimal for all our backdrop curtains. However, if your venue has a high ceiling and you wish to use a stage backdrop that goes from the very top to the floor, you can use a flower wall backdrop to add an extravagant touch to your event décor.

If you are planning an outdoor event, start with choosing a sturdy and heavy-duty backdrop stand to deal with the wind and keep your backdrop in place. For windy places, if you wish to cover unsightly backgrounds, opt for a wedding backdrop made from spandex or polyester material to keep them from flowing all over the place. At, we offer a variety of heavy duty backdrops which will be perfect to hide any unpleasant part of your venue.

However, if your outdoor venue itself is work of art such as a beach or a landscape, then you can let your creativity run wild and create stunning backdrop for photography by draping and tying sheer organza backdrop curtains to your backdrop stand for an enchanting look. 

indoor wedding backdrops

2). Consider The Base Of Your Backdrop

It is better to be aware of the backdrop structure you are going to use for your event. Some venues provide a backdrop stand but it is often lightweight and not sturdy enough. If you are planning for an extravagant backdrop, it won’t be able to bear the weight. You can either invest in a sturdy backdrop stand or use light-weighted backdrops to create a luxurious look. If you are planning to create a wall photography backdrop but your venue does not have a suitable wall, have a back-up plan and use a backdrop stand to create an effortless photo booth for your event.

indoor wedding backdrop

3). Choose An Appropriate Backdrop Color

The selection of backdrop color is crucial as it depends on factors like the type of event and the theme and color scheme of the event. Backdrops serve many purposes, a black backdrop curtain is ideal if your goal is to hide all the irrelevant elements and make the foreground more prominent. However, if you would like your backdrop to make a statement and add a festive touch to your event then choose from our wide range of colors to make your backdrops sing. You can add a sparkly touch to your décor with our stylish sequin backdrops. You can also pair two or more colors in backdrop but be sure that the hues are in sync with your event theme. Otherwise, your backdrop will look out of place rather than adding splendor to your décor.

ourdoor wedding backdrop

4). Selecting A Suitable Backdrop Material

Backdrop material also affects the choice of backdrop for your event. Choosing the right backdrop material which will cater to your needs and complement the theme is important. If your goal is to conceal unwanted elements or hide those unappealing walls, then a sheer or tassel backdrop will not do the job, instead look for more opaque backdrop materials.

indoor wedding backdrop

5). Keep The Seasonal Elements In Mind

Seasons play an important part while planning the theme of the event. Certain events call for resonating event décor and often people like to use season complementing décor. When creating an outdoor backdrop, it is vital to consider the seasonal elements as well. For example, incorporate fall colors in your backdrop for a fall party or if you are planning a summer beach wedding, then keep the wind aspect in mind and select a backdrop style that won’t collapse with the breeze. For a cozy winter night event, use darker hues paired with LED lights to add a dazzling touch to your ambiance.

outdoor wedding backdrop

We hope that these useful tips will make your backdrop quest effortless and hassle-free. With these pointers in mind, you can create stunning backdrops like a pro and bedazzle your guests.