Choose The Perfect Ceiling Decorations

A Complete Ceiling Decoration Selection Guide

Ceiling decoration
can make a huge difference in the decor and overall appearance of any event. Why to stay with the drab, unsightly walls and ceilings when you can give those lackluster roofs a glamorous makeover with mesmeric ceiling decoration that will not only highlight your ceiling decor but will also complement well with the theme of your event.

At efavormart you will get the chance to get your hands on cheap, yet upscale ceiling decoration that will turn your simple celebration into a luxurious affair without breaking the banks. Don’t fork out on expensive ceiling decorations or costly ceiling decoration rentals when you can conveniently choose the perfect ceiling decoration material from our wide range of Hanging Decorations. There are many great options of styles and colors that will make your choice easier while choosing for the right ceiling decoration for your event.  In our shopping guide we have pulled together all those important points that you need to consider before shopping for the right ceiling decoration for your upcoming wedding or any other planned event.

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1). Keeping Venue Settings in Mind

The venue that you choose for conducting your event plays a vital role as there is lots of planning required in it. Whether your party is set in an outdoor area or you have planned to throw a party in a banquet hall, you need to evaluate your options accordingly keeping in mind the look that you want to execute in your planned event.

There is a wide range of styles options in our ceiling decoration collection category that can be used for indoor and outdoor settings. Mostly the events have a standard regular 12ft ceiling which goes perfect with all our ceiling drapes as they have a length of 10ft x 40ft maximum per penal. Use our ceiling drapes sheer curtain panels if your event demands high ceiling decoration. Further embellishing it with ornate ascots, ribbons, and fairy lights will add an ethereal touch of elegance into your hall ceiling decoration.

If you have planned an event outdoors to enjoy seasonal bounties, then it’s crucial to opt for sturdy and heavy duty material for ceiling decoration to efficiently deal with the wind and keep your backdrops in place. If you have decided for a beach theme for your wedding party or birthday bash, then opting for our spandex backdrops or even ceiling drapes sheer curtain panels with their luxurious layered effect will add an ethereal touch of elegance into your event. At efavormart you will find a beautiful range of amazing colors which will be perfect for creating an eye-catching ceiling decoration.

If you are a creative soul then let your creativity run wild and create modern ceiling decoration by picking up the items that match with your theme by exploring our collection of hanging decoration. The artificial vine garlands will add a refreshing floral charm when will be matched with our sheer curtain panels.

With so much variation in our ceiling decoration collection you will feel yourself surrounded by all the things that you love. Turn your outdoor event into a scintillating magical affair by styling your venue with our multi-sized and multi-colored paper lanterns. Being easy to use and budget-friendly, our modern ceiling decoration will help you transform your venue into surreal realm.

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2). Keep the Theme of Event in Mind

There is no denying the fact that theme or motif of an event plays a vital role in selection of the ceiling decor. An unmatched and incoherent party decor simply spoils the entire look of the party ambiance, while on the other hand, a harmonized and synchronized decor where all decor elements are perfectly tying to the party theme gives a sense of organized sophistication to any celebration.

If you have planned to throw a grand party then considering the right kind of ceiling decoration should be the priority. For extravagant events, bold and bedazzling colors and regal textures like velvet, spandex, or rosette satin drapes should be considered with luxurious Hanging Decorations like Crystal Chandeliers and rhinestone or pearl garlands. For intimate and romantic events, soft pastel hues and breezy textures like chiffon, tulle, & organza panels should be given preference with delicate accents like silk and foam flowers, greenery garlands, lace lanterns etc.

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3). Choosing the Right Color!

Colors have their own language and can beautifully breathe life into any dull and drab item. When it comes to choosing the color for your event’s decor, it is very important to consider some factors like event’s theme, time and venue, as well as the weather and seasonal effects so that your chosen color doesn’t collide with the focal feel of the event. If you are opting for more than one color, it is important that both colors mix and match flawlessly with each other, adding timeless elegance to your event’s decor. For sprightly and fun-filled events like Graduation Party and Birthday Bash, choose bold and bright colors like blue, fuchsia, black, turquoise, and purple; if there is an anniversary or a dinner date around the corner, opt for exotic hues like red, rose gold, and blush to add that romantic radiance into your special moments. Soft pastel hues will look stunning when you weave them into your decor accents for spring time celebrations and holiday revels. With our shop by color option, you can easily harmonize all your decoration elements from ceiling decoration and Table Decoration, to Centerpieces and Dishware.  

From exceptionally artistically crafted hanging decorations to hanging glass decor, ceiling pom pom and paper pinwheels, you will not be able to ignore the magical enchantment oozed by our super colorful ceiling decorations. Make style statement and add a festive touch to your event and let your backdrops sing by syncing the hues.  With multitude of colors to choose from you will definitely end up satisfying your perfectionist soul with the hues that match exactly with your event’s theme.

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4). Selecting the Right Material

The most important element in setting up the perfect ceiling decoration is to choose just the right kind of material. Concealing the unwanted elements or to hide the unappealing wall with just the perfect kind of ceiling decor is an art and with efavormart you can master it in no time. If you are catering youth in your party then our paper lanterns, paper pinwheels and ceiling pom poms will surely add colors of life into your event, spreading happy cheer all around. The light weighted and easy to install items of our modern ceiling decoration will style your event in a matter of minutes. The unsurpassed durability and sturdiness of our amazing ceiling decorations will give you a lovely decoration item to use multiple time in your future events with the same shine and sparkle.

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5). Make Selection Keeping Season In Mind!

While planning any event one always keeps the season in mind as it’s important for determining the event’s theme and feel. If you are planning to host an event in summers then choosing the ceiling decor that goes well with the hot and sunny weather is very important. Create marvelous and easy to maintain ceiling decoration by opting for our glass hanging decoration & fairy lights to ooze a soft scintillating glow all around your seasonal decor. For a cozy winter night event, darker hues paired with LED lights will add that dazzling touch into your ambiance. Our black sheer ceiling drape curtain panels will surely add that airy appeal and translucent beauty into your event making it appear as the most sophisticated and magnificent event of the year.

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We hope that these valuable tips have given you enough inspiration to choose the right decor to dress your ceiling to the nines for any special celebration. With these salient factors in mind, we are hopeful that you will be able to create an effortless and hassle-free ceiling decoration for your upcoming event.