Why Use Cake Stands

An Essential Guide to Why Cake Stands are Important

Any celebratory event is incomplete without a stunning cake, however, a cake stand is almost just as important as well. As the name implies, cake stands are small platforms that helps in holding and presenting a cake. 

Cakes are an essential part of all joyous events. Whether it is a birthday celebration, wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, baby shower or any other occasion, a stunning cake is imperative and is the centerpiece of the event. Cake stands have widely been used over the years to enhance the display and make the cake more prominent. 

There is no doubt that a cake stand set is essential to showcase the cake at an event. However, investing in a cake stand has other added benefits as well. We have gathered some key points to help you understand the role they play in elevating the visual appeal of your cake display. Read on to find out the answer to why you should use a cake stand at your special occasions and learn more about its benefits.

1). Cake Stands Increase the Aesthetic Value of the Cake

The primary function of a cake stand is to display the cake on an elevated place. However, a cake stand is not limited to showcasing only cakes or cupcakes. They can be used to display other desserts or food items as well. Simply by placing your cake or other desserts on an elevated base, it makes the display more notable and prominent.

There is a multitude of choices available for you to choose from, from exquisite crystal glass cake stands to intricately designed metal cake plateaus, the options are limitless. These highly decorative and extravagant cake stands not only fulfill their purpose to showcase the cake but also act as gorgeous centerpieces for your table décor. Selecting a sophisticated cake stand will undoubtedly add to the beauty of the cake and glamorize the overall look of the table.

Cakes are often the focal point of any occasion, especially during a wedding reception. One of the most anticipated wedding moments is the cake cutting ceremony. Choosing a sophisticated cake design for a wedding can be overwhelming. With limitless options, designs and countless meetings with the cake decorator, it often turns into a daunting task. Using a cake stand that complements the cake design and your theme will transform even a simple or dull-looking cake into an exceptional one. Placing your beautiful tiered cake on a wedding cake stand will add a perfect finishing touch to your cake. Whether your cake is simple with little detailing or it is a tall intricately designed cake, a cake stand will surely add an oomph factor and a final touch of elegance to your cake to complete the look of your cake centerpiece.

wedding cake stand

2). Safe and Secure Base for Your Cake

Designing a cake is an art and takes a lot of effort and precision. Placing it without any support or base is like waiting for a disaster to happen. Uneven surfaces and clumsy hands can topple your masterpiece which will be a wreck and unsalvageable. To avoid such mishaps, Tiered cake stands can be used to secure your artistic showpieces and save your event from being ruined. Using sturdy cake stands such as our metal cake stand for heavy cakes with multiple tiers will provide the needed base support and also help secure it by elevating the cake. Cake stands also allow you to set and move your cake to the correct place on the table without ruining the design and icing of the cake. This happens quite often when people try to move a cake and they end up nudging the icing with their fingers. Placing the cake on a cake stand will help prevent such issues and the cake can safely and easily be moved around on the table by pushing the cake stand instead of lifting or pushing the cake board.

3). Cake Stands Create A Dramatic Size Illusion

High and tall cakes look mesmerizing at a wedding reception. The wedding cake is what stands out the most among all the other table decorations. Cake Stands can also especially be used to elevate the cakes that are not high. Raising the cake on a platform makes it more enticing and prominent. The cake stand makes the cake appear taller and bigger and add that extra illuminating effect. It is ideal for adding height to a wedding cake to make it look luxurious and extravagant. For example, using our cake riser stand will not only give a regal look to your display, but will also allow you to elevate a petite cake making it appear taller and more noticeable.

Every bride wishes for a lavish wedding cake, but that is not always practical. Presenting a cake with a silver cake stand gives an illusion of a huge cake as the size of the overall showpiece increases with the stand. It gives a dramatic effect to the entire presentation and makes your cake the center of attention. For instance, a small wedding cake when placed on a big cake stand will give it a grand look by creating an illusion making the cake look bigger. This will add a wow factor to your otherwise simple cake.

4). Cake Stands Help Enhance the Event Decoration 

Desert servers and Cake stands are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. From dazzling glass cake stands to enchanting metallic ones, it adds a splash of color to your cake. The vivid and contrasting color of the cake stand adds beauty to the food presented on it. A perfect cake stand will also resonate flawlessly with the theme of the event and your selected color scheme. With a striking base, your square cake stand centerpiece will surely give a scintillating look that will certainly entice your guests. For example, a blush cake will look absolutely breath-taking on a gold cake stand for a Quinceañera party.

Coordinating every décor element could be quite challenging, but with a wide variety of decorations available, it has become fairly easy. Using complementing round cake stand styles and designs add a touch of class and elegance to the event décor. Decorative jars and trays which resonate perfectly with the theme, are worth every penny as they play a significant role in enhancing the theme of the occasion. For example, using a thick wood slice cake stand to display your two-tiered cake will be a stunning addition to a rustic wedding table décor. For a unicorn-themed birthday party, our unicorn cardboard cupcake stand will give the table décor a perfect touch.

5). Cake Stands Helps Save Space

With so many decorative elements or food items on your table, it is often hard to give the table setting a sophisticated look. Cakes or cupcakes take up a lot of space when laid out flat on the table and look unappealing. Host your events in style by using acrylic cake stands and cake toppers that help save a lot of space and also enrich the overall presentation. The multiple layers help fit several items, which not only saves space but also makes the arrangement look elegant and chic.

6). Ideal for Adding Personalized Touches

If you are one of those creative minds who wish to add a dash of personalized touch to your event décor, cake stands are a unique way to do so. Let your creativity blossom and customize your cake stand for a distinctive touch. You can give your multi-layered stand an artistic touch by filling up the tubes that separate the plates with fillers suited to your theme and create a distinctive cake stand. For example, you can fill the tubes of the cake stand with faux flowers to give your cake stand a dazzling effect. You can also use LED lights to fill up the tubes and add a luminous effect to your cake stand and table setting.

7). Cake Stands Are Multi-Purpose

Investing in a cake stand is a wise choice for a couple of reasons. Using a rental cake stand is not the best option. They are often scratched, or bent which can not only be risky to use but will also dampen the charm of the cake or any food item placed on it. Cake stands should be used to elevate the look and also act as a decorative feature on the table.

Cake stands aren’t only limited to cakes, placing different finger food items on an elevated cake stand will also add an interesting touch to your food presentation.

If you are considering to use a cake stand for displaying your wedding cake but are wondering what you will do with it once the event is over. Don’t fret, you can reuse it for future events like birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. You can also use them as a distinctive centerpiece with candles and other decorative accents for your dinner table.

Moreover, fancy cake stands can also be used as stylish organizers. You can use them to organize your kitchen spices, makeup accessories, jewelry or even to place toiletries in your bathroom for a sophisticated organized look. It can be utilized in many creative and fun ways. Therefore, purchasing a cake stand is a more convenient option and the benefits outweigh any drawbacks.