Why Use Curtains

An Essential Guide to Why Curtains are Important


Windows are crucial for any indoor space to help circulate air and also to light up the room. Having windows in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other areas is important for ventilation but they are also a way to peep inside your home. To cover your windows and to obscure any unpleasant spaces, curtains are an essential fixture. There is no doubt that window curtains are not only a necessity but are also a decorative accessory that plays an important role in elevating the décor.

When it comes to event decorations, using backdrop curtains is a thoughtful choice. Other than providing their basic function of covering windows or event venue walls, curtains have several other significant benefits as well. If you are still skeptical about using sheer curtains in your home or to accentuate your event décor, we have listed all the benefits of  decorative curtains that will surely compel you to use them. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using curtains and to find out the answer to why they are considered such an important part of event designing and interior décor.

why use curtains

1). Curtains are an effective Window Treatment solution

Curtains are a great way to cover your windows according to your preferences. There are many window curtains options available these days that can be used to modify windows. You may wonder why having curtains and drapes in your living room, kitchen or dining room is the best window treatment option. With the vast range of color options, materials, and designs available at efavormart you have the freedom to choose curtain panels that match your style and interior design.  

Use curtains to cover your windows in style exuding a sophisticated and refined appeal. For events where you plan to use candles or work with open flame, using fire retardant curtains as a passive fire safety measure is a great choice. In case of any adverse situation, these thermal curtains will isolate and prevent combustion to keep your guests safe.

why use curtains

2). Curtains give you Privacy

One of the basic features of curtains and drapes is to safeguard your privacy and security. Installing curtain panels in your bedroom or living room is a wise choice to prevent strangers from prying and peeking into your private space. Use window curtains to protect your private life and to enjoy your personal space without worrying about random people peering through your windows.

Do you have nosy neighbors who love to peep every now and then? It can be quite annoying and uncomfortable at times, therefore, for a permanent solution, opt for our blackout curtains to cover your windows and to avert outsiders from invading your privacy.

Curtains can also be used to create a segregated area. A room divider curtain can help you separate areas without confining space. Other room divider options tend to make the room smaller, whereas living room curtains are flexible and can easily be drawn to divide the area when needed.   

why use curtains

3). Curtains Efficiently Filter or Block the Light

Another significant benefit of having a window curtain is that you can control the amount of sunlight entering your room. Whether you want to light up the room with natural light or want to block the direct sunlight which can be harmful, curtains and drapes can help you manage the intensity of the sunlight.

If you wish to brighten up your living room during the day but thinking what to do to refrain outsiders from looking through your open window, here is where sheer curtains come to your rescue. A sheer curtain is especially perfect for light filtering when you would like to have some sunlight while retaining your privacy. Whereas, blackout curtains offered at efavormart can help darken the event venue instantly by blocking the light. Want to sleep in without sunlight glaring in your eyes? Use light blocking curtains to obstruct light and to help you rest peacefully. Planned a night club themed party in broad daylight? Use sun blocking curtains that will help you dim the outdoor light and enable you to give glowing light effects to your event décor.

why use curtains

4). Curtains are Energy-Efficient

More than half of the heat or cooling generated by your electric appliances leaks out through your windows. Using floor to ceiling curtains is an effective solution that assists in controlling and managing the indoor temperature. Thermal curtains help you to keep the heat and warmth inside the room in chilly weather. In summers, you can enhance your room’s air conditioning by preventing cool air from leaking out the window. Energy efficient curtains have lining attached at the back to prevent the loss of cool or warm air. Also, the direct harsh sunlight coming through the window significantly heats the room, therefore, using insulated curtains in your living room or bedroom is also an energy-efficient solution. Your heating or cooling units will require less energy to keep your room at a preset temperature, which will cut down your electricity bills and save energy. As a result, it will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint in the long run.

why use curtains

5). Curtains Give a Comfortable and Intimate Feel

Curtains & drapes can give a warm and comfortable feel to any space. Dark-colored backdrop curtains make the area appear smaller and create a cozy look. Use Christmas curtains in darker hues to augment the intimate feelings and bond between friends and family. Where thick curtains play an important part in adding warmth to your living room, light-colored linen curtains make your area appear bigger and more spacious. Installing curtains made of lighter materials and fabrics in subtle hues exudes a sense of spaciousness and airiness. For instance, sheer curtains and pastel colors will make the area capacious and also brighten up all the dark spots.

why use curtains

6). Improves the Aesthetics of the Décor

Interior designers cannot stress enough the fact that curtains have a huge impact on your home and event décor. When looking to decorate a home, curtains are the first thing that should be considered. With the wide variety of designs, styles, color options, sizes, and materials, even cheap curtains can be used to improve the aesthetics of your décor.

Whether you are trying to add a pop of color to your event décor or want decorative accessories to complement your theme, backdrop curtains help you to enhance the overall visual appeal. Using elegant curtains and drapes will take your event decorations to the next level. For instance, country curtains will accentuate your French country themed living room interior or our burlap curtains will be ideal to give your event decorations a rustic flair. Similarly, beaded curtains for your event will be a stunning addition to your lush décor.

why use curtains

7). Curtains Brighten Up the Ambiance

Modern curtains add a splash of color to dull and boring spaces. They are a key feature of home fashion and are an effective way to accentuate the overall look and feel of an event. Bright colored curtains will give a perky and eccentric touch to your interior whereas, using contrasting colors can add an interesting flair to your color scheme. Backdrop curtains can be used to make a statement or to augment the beauty of other décor elements, either way, they are an important accessory that helps to enhance and breathe life into any dull and dreary décor.

why use curtains

8). Curtains Help Create a Special Theme and Feel

Curtains are also essential to set the desired tone and ambiance. With curtains and drapes, you can transform the mood and feel of any space. For instance, fancy curtains like sequin curtains are a great way to set a cheerful and celebratory mood. Use backdrop curtains to exude elegance and grace to make your event décor more attractive. Want to add a radiant decorative accent to your lush décor? Light curtains are ideal to give an extravagant and luminous touch to your event backdrop.  

why use curtains

9). Curtains are Multipurpose

Although curtains are usually used to cover windows and to prevent sunlight from entering your room they can also be used for other purposes as well. Curtains & drapes can be used to cover any unappealing area or space. For instance, installing curtain panels on a tarnished wall will hide all the imperfections and flaws. Using backdrop curtains such as our tassel curtains or chiffon curtains will work well as a background for your event photo booth and will enhance the look of your decor.

why use curtains

10). Curtains are Customizable

Curtains are available in various sizes and designs which makes it easy to customize the look of your room or event. The extensive range of colors, patterns, and materials allow you to choose sizes and materials that suit your needs to creatively decorate your space according to the latest trends and fashion. Backdrop curtains are a great way to accentuate your theme and color scheme. You can mix and match them to enhance your event décor according to your taste and preference. Window curtains offered at efavormart can be used for all kinds and sizes of windows. Use different curtain rods to hang your curtain panels to add a personalized touch to your decorations.

why use curtains

11). Great for Noise Insulation

Window curtains help muffle up the outside noise giving you a peaceful atmosphere. Our soundproof curtains dampen the sound and will help you relax and rest in a calm environment. Annoyed with your neighbor’s late-night parties and loud music? Use sound absorbing curtains to block out the sound and enjoy your tranquility. Planning a horror movie date night with your friends? Use noise blocking curtains in your room to avoid scaring other people with your screams.

why use curtains

12). Curtains Prevent Dust

Curtains allow you to prevent dust from coming into your room. When windows and doors are open, dust particles enter your home with the wind. You can close your windows and doors but doing so will stop the ventilation and will make you feel suffocated. Window curtains and door curtains are beneficial as they gather all the dust and give you the liberty to open your windows and doors. Use curtains to accumulate all the dust particles and prevent dirt to pile up on your furniture or other decorative items.

why use curtains

13). Curtains are Easy to Clean

Curtains are easy to clean and manage. Other window treatment options such as blinds & shades require a lot of effort to clean. Nobody likes to spend hours on cleaning windows. Save yourself some time and use grommet curtains in your home. Opt for kitchen curtains with a grommet top that is easy to install and uninstall. Simply slide your curtains from your curtain rods and throw them in your washing machine to get rid of all the dust and dirt.

why use curtains

14). Affordable and Durable

Window curtains are available at varying price ranges depending on the style and material you want. There are many budget-friendly options available to choose from our extensive range of curtains for sale to suit your décor. Curtains are an ideal way to decorate your windows and event backdrops without draining your wallet. Our cheap curtains allow you to reap all the benefits of curtains and are also a cost-efficient solution.

Another significant advantage of installing affordable curtains is that they can be changed without worrying about the cost factor. Bored with the same look of your interior? You can change your curtains to instantly revamp your décor. For instance, if you wish to brighten up your space without spending too much money you can use vibrant and colorful curtains to give a new and revived look to your living room.  

why use curtains

As you can see, window curtains are versatile and important accessories that have many added benefits. Apart from fulfilling their basic function of covering doors and windows, they are such a resourceful fixture that can be used anywhere to efficiently hide any imperfections and to enhance the décor. We hope that these benefits have convinced you to use curtains for an effective window treatment solution and to accentuate your event’s interior design. Check out our vast collection of curtains and drapes to exude elegance and grace to elevate your space and ambiance.      

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