10 Bushes | Chocolate Brown Artificial Silk Tiger Lily Flowers, Faux Bouquets

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Quantity: 10 Bushes (Total 60 Flowers)
Flower Type: Easter Lily
Material: High Quality Silk
Color: Chocolate
Each Bush: 6 Flowers
Bush Height: 14"
Stem Height: 11"
Each Flower Height: 4"
Each Flower Width: 5"
Leaf Length: 3"
Waterproof: Yes


    Chocolate Artificial Silk Lily Flowers

    Easter Lilies are widely used for occasions like Easter, Church ceremonies, communions, baptism, showers, weddings and also for home decoration because of their unsurpassed elegance and festive appeal. The silk version of these surreal blooms mimics the delicate stature and cheerful colors of fresh flower. Smooth silk blooms feature six trumpet shaped blossoms facing outwards with amazingly realistic ivory stamen in the middle and green leaves on the stem that give a serene and refreshing look to the bouquet.


    High Quality Faux Chocolate Lily Bouquets

    These Silk Lilies Wholesale flowers will give you an ideal floral accessory that exudes perpetual bloom and undying radiance all around. Use these Silk Lilies Wholesale time and time again with same festive feel and everlasting beauty. Unlike their fresh counterparts that wilt and wither very soon, these faux flowers will continue blooming and thriving FOREVER!


    Beautiful Chocolate Lily Flower Bushes

    Enchanting Easter Lilies symbolize the sacred attributes of virtue, purity, innocence, and hope. They bring forth the spiritual essence of Easter, though people love to use them for other merry occasions too like Weddings, Anniversaries, Showers, Church events, and also for home decoration. Also known as November Lily, these pretty blossoms are now available in an undying silk version with unsurpassed radiance and perpetual bloom. Decorate your centerpieces, vases, backdrops, gardens, flower arrangements, and other decorations with our gorgeous Easter lily bouquets.


    Additional Information:

    • These are artificial, not fresh flowers
    • Uses: Bridal bouquet, Baby Shower, Valentine's day, Wedding Corsage, Mother's Day, DIY Craft, Candy Buffets, Dessert Tables, Banquet Decor, Romantic Atmosphere Decor.