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10 Pack - 12" Clear Confetti Balloons - Latex Helium Party Balloons With Silver Filled Confetti Dots

Item Number: BLOON_CONF01_SILV

$3.99 Sale Price (Only $0.39 each balloon)
$7.99 Retail Price

QTY: 10 Confetti Balloons
Material: Latex
Balloon Color: Clear
Foil Confetti Size: 1/2"
Foil Confetti Color: Silver
Shape: Round
Balloon Diameter: 12"
Balloons and Confetti are together, so you can use them directly.
Balloon stick & other accessories are not included
All sizes are approximate measurements
Note: To spread confetti inside the balloon, create a static energy by rubbing the balloon on any item of clothing, preferably a scarf or wool jumper. After rubbing, roll the balloon around for ultimate confetti dispersing.
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Fits any Events

Why settle for bland solid colored balloons when you can add a playful pop of color into your space with our cheerful confetti balloons? Liven up any celebration with these orbs of festive shimmer and glimmer and wow your guests at birthday parties, carnivals, festivals, weddings, proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, showers, and any other jubilant event.

Stylish and Decorative

Simply shake the balloons to wake the confetti inside and watch your invitees enjoy them with child-like joy. Vibrant foil confetti balloons are ideal to entertain children of all ages! Let them chase, bounce, and eventually pop these bubbles of bliss and relish the delight of colorful confetti shower. Simply fill these confetti balloons with helium using our balloon pump and let them float around, adding fantasy land flair into your space.

Highly Durable

High quality latex material gives these party balloons durability to last for longer hours, thus letting you enjoy their ravishing radiance for as long as you desire. Bring some dazzle to your birthday parties or carnival theme parties, charm your beloved with a cute romantic gesture, incorporate them into your next photo shoot for a splash of festive flair, and so on.



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