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Glitter Hot Melt Glue Sticks - 7mm x 4" - Red - 10pcs

Item Number: CRAF_GLUE4_RED

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$2.89 Retail Price

  • Perfect to use with our Small Glue Gun 
  • Color - Red
  • Size - 7mm x4" long
  • Quantity - 10 pcs / order

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These twinkling glitter glue sticks add flare and shimmer to any project or craft creation with their colorful sparkle and vibrant hues. Use these handy glitter glue sticks with craft glue guns to create most remarkable craft masterpieces. These funky colored glitter glue sticks can be used on variety of surfaces, like plastic, paper, foam sheets, craft sticks, fabric, and more. 

Additional Information:

  • Perfect to use with our Small Glue Gun
  • Color - Red
  • Quantity - 10 pcs / order
  • Size - 7mm x 4" long
  • Uses: Wedding, Birthday, Party Favor Gift Decoration, Craft Project