4 Pack White StyroFoam Foam Balls For Arts, Crafts and DIY 8"

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Size: 8"

Quantity: 4 Foam Balls / Order
Material: Styrofoam
Diameter: 8"


White StyroFoam Foam Balls for Arts, Crafts, and DIY - 4 Pack

White StyroFoam Foam Balls for Arts, Crafts, and DIY - 4 Pack

Introducing our 4 Pack of White StyroFoam Foam Balls, the perfect addition to your arts, crafts, and DIY projects. Made from lightweight and porous Styrofoam, these foam balls offer endless possibilities for creative expression. The solid and smooth surface of these foam globes serves as a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a stroke of genius. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a DIY enthusiast, these foam balls are incredibly easy to work with.

The lightweight nature of the foam balls makes them suitable for a variety of applications. You can effortlessly cut, shape, and sculpt these foam balls to achieve the desired look of elegance in your projects. The porous texture of the Styrofoam allows for easy adhesion of paints, glues, and other crafting materials. Experiment with different techniques, from painting and sculpting to gluing and covering with glitter or sequins. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

With these foam balls, you can create anything from customized ornaments and decorative accents to educational models and artistic sculptures. The versatility of these foam balls extends to both simple and intricate projects, providing a fantastic medium for artists and crafters alike. Whether you're aiming for a polished and refined finish or a whimsical and textured appearance, these white Styrofoam foam balls are the ideal starting point for your next crafting adventure. Explore the myriad ways you can cut, shape, paint, and embellish these foam balls to bring your creative visions to life.

Round White Foam Beads for Crafts and Decor

Round White Foam Beads for Crafts and Decor

Discover the magic of our Round White Foam Beads, small Styrofoam balls delicately crafted to inspire your creativity. These lightweight and smooth spheres are a versatile addition to your creative toolkit. Their porous nature makes them perfect for various arts and crafts endeavors, allowing you to explore your imagination and bring your ideas to life with ease.

In the realm of molecular model building, our small Styrofoam balls become essential building blocks for scientific exploration and discovery. Their uniform shape and lightweight composition make them ideal for constructing intricate models that represent the complex structures found in the microscopic world. Young minds engaged in kids' crafts can also benefit from the simplicity and versatility of these beads, fostering creativity and learning through hands-on projects.

When it comes to holiday decor or party decorations, our round white foam beads add a touch of whimsy and elegance. Whether sprinkled on tables as part of centerpieces or strung together to create unique garlands, these small Styrofoam balls enhance the festive atmosphere with their pure and bright aesthetic. Embrace the joy of crafting with these delightful beads, and let the circle of creativity and happiness continue to weave its magic in your life.

Multi-use White Crafting Foam for DIY Projects - 4 Pack

Multi-use White Crafting Foam for DIY Projects - 4 Pack

Unleash your creativity with our Multi-use White Crafting Foam. This malleable material offers a solid and smooth surface that serves as a blank canvas for your artistic endeavors. Ideal for styrofoam ball crafts, this foam globe is a stroke of genius in various DIY projects. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, this foam globe proves to be your greatest asset.

Transforming this plain foam globe into a work of art is limited only by your imagination. Cut it into different shapes, glue pieces together to form custom structures, sand it for a smoother finish, or sculpt intricate designs that showcase your creative prowess. Paint it with vibrant colors, cover it with glitters and sequins for a glamorous touch, or wrap it with fabric and paper to match your preferred aesthetic. Dive into the world of styrofoam ball crafts with this versatile material, allowing your artistic vision to come to life with each project you undertake.

The beauty of working with multi-use white crafting foam lies in its user-friendly qualities. Its lightweight and easily moldable nature allows for intricate detailing, making it perfect for homemade sculptures or statues. Explore floral arrangements with a unique twist by incorporating foam spheres into your designs, or craft eye-catching topiaries that capture attention. Embrace the whimsical with kissing balls or venture into the realm of geometric sculptures, where the foam's adaptability becomes your greatest asset. Let your imagination soar and create stunning pieces that will leave a lasting impression.

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  • Perfect For: Holiday Decorations, Wall Decorations, Table Scatter, Tablescape, Art Projects and DIY Crafts.


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StyroFoam balls
I liked them those they were bigger than I thought
Yvonne M.
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They were delivered with dents in them. But they work
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Great find
real user review 4 Pack White StyroFoam Foam Balls For Arts, Crafts and DIY 8
The item was shipped fast and arrived in perfect shape. Good quality and was able to make my holiday decoration.
Tiara G.
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Styrofoam balls
real user review 6 Pack White StyroFoam Foam Balls For Arts, Crafts and DIY 6
Made beautiful centerpieces
Allyson M.
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I was sooo nervous about this item because these styrofoam balls are very hard to find at this price in this quantity. I was amazed at the price I paid and how quickly it shown up to my doorstep. I will always come back to this website!!
Monica F.
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Ghost Heax
fast shipping and quality products
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Perfect shape perfect price
real user review 4 Pack White StyroFoam Foam Balls For Arts, Crafts and DIY 8
The quality of the foam ball was more than expected. The rose balls came out beautifully
Maricela R.
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Foam 8" ball
Excellent made perfect project for my wedding centerpieces
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Great product
Very good condition to make my rose balls.
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Love this so worth it
Queen A.
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