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10 Yards 19mm Fushia Paillette Trim Spool String Sequin Ribbon

Item Number: FAB_9_FUSH

$3.99 Sale Price
$5.99 Retail Price

  • Color : Fushia
  • Material : Sequin
  • Length : 10 Yards
  • Width : 19mm
  • Perfect For Gift Wrapping, Craft

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    The stylish ribbons, with layers and layers of shimmering sequin circles stitched intricately with an iridescent thread have an extravagant look and feel that imparts a dazzling bejeweled appearance to any garment and decorative accessory. Play with this royal insignia lavishly as there are infinite possibilities as to how to utilize it in a creative manner. Embellish your outfits and hair accessories, wrap up gifts in more extravagant manner, or adorn your furniture, favors, or keepsakes in chic, upscale style. Throw some sunshine or spotlight on these glinting miracles and see how the aura of an entire event will transform into an enchanting celestial journey.

    Additional Information:

    • Color : Fushia
    • Material : Sequin
    • Length : 10 Yards
    • Width : 19mm
    • Uses : Wedding, Party, Birthday, Events, Gift Wrapping, Favor Wrapping, DIY, Craft Decoration


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