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Personalized Continuous Satin Ribbon Roll For Wedding Party Favors 100 Yards 3/8"

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  • 100 Pcs | 7/8 Inches
  • 100 Yards Continuous | 3/8 Inches
  • 100 Yards Continuous | 7/8 Inches
  • 100 Pcs | 3/8 Inches
  • 25 Yards Continuous | 3/8 Inches
  • 25 Yards Continuous | 7/8 Inches
  • 50 Pcs | 7/8 Inches

Quantity: 100 Yards Ribbon
Custom Printed on 3/8" Satin Ribbon in 100 yards (300 feet)
Continuously printed ribbon with text repeated
Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved.
These are not intended to be cut individually or made into bows, that ribbon style is posted separately.
These are continuous printed ribbons, they are used for wedding party favors, gift wrapping, decor, a baby shower, etc.
For personalize ribbons only, other decorations are not included.
Can only print Regular English Alphabet, Numbers, and Symbols, ( ) ? ! : $ " , @ # / - &'
Please be informed that letters with accent on them (such as: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ü) will be converted to the Regular English Alphabet.
Please indicate " % " (without the quotation marks) where you want the emblem placed.
Only ONE emblem allowed.
If “%” is NOT indicated, we will determine emblem placement, our placement decision will be final.
Date and Name will come on left or right as per you tie the ribbon.
Note: We don’t do Custom Logos.


Elegant Ivory Personalized Continuous Satin Ribbon Roll for Wedding Party Favors

Add a personal touch to your wedding favors and gifts with our elegant ivory personalized continuous satin ribbon roll. This custom printed ribbon is the perfect way to leave a long-lasting impression on your guests' minds. With your names or any other tailored text printed on this luxurious satin ribbon, your invites will feel the warmth and love of your marital bond.

Use this continuous ribbon to tie lovely knots and decorate wedding gifts, bridal bouquets, party decors, festive favors, and more. Its seamless harmony with your wedding color scheme will enhance the overall wedding decor. Whether you attach it to tags, reception balloons, or tie it artistically around your wedding favors, this personalized ribbon will add an enchanting touch to your special day.

Our ivory personalized continuous satin ribbon roll is available in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to choose the hue that matches your scheme shade perfectly. Take your gift wrapping to the next level with this tailored ribbon by adding your customized text, a message of love, or a note to remember. Make your wedding unforgettable with this exquisite ribbon.

Versatile and Customizable Ribbon for Any Event Decor

Our personalized satin ribbon is not limited to just wedding party favors. It is a versatile and customizable ribbon that can be used for various event decor purposes. Whether you're planning a birthday party, baby shower, or corporate event, this ribbon will add a touch of elegance and personalization to your decorations.

With its 100 yards ribbon roll, you'll have plenty of ribbon to use for all your event needs. From creating beautiful bows for gift wrapping to embellishing centerpieces and party favors, this ribbon is a must-have for any event planner or DIY enthusiast. Its high-quality satin material ensures a luxurious look and feel.

When it comes to party supplies and wedding decor, our personalized satin ribbon is a top choice. Its continuous ribbon roll allows for easy handling and ensures that you have enough ribbon to decorate your entire venue. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color or customize your event decorations, this ribbon is the perfect solution.

Bulk Continuous Satin Ribbon Roll for Endless Possibilities

Looking for a bulk ribbon option for your event decor needs? Our continuous satin ribbon roll is the ideal choice. With 100 yards of ribbon, you'll have endless possibilities to create stunning decorations for weddings, parties, and more. Its 3/8 width is versatile enough to be used in various ways, from wrapping around chairs to adorning floral arrangements.

Whether you're a professional event planner or a DIY enthusiast, having a bulk ribbon option is essential. It allows you to save time and money while still achieving a high-end look. Our continuous ribbon roll is perfect for creating consistent and cohesive decor throughout your event.

Choose from a wide range of colors to match your event theme and create a seamless and elegant atmosphere. The personalized touch of this ribbon will impress your guests and make your event truly memorable. Elevate your event decor with our bulk continuous satin ribbon roll and let your creativity shine.

Additional Information:

Uses: Wedding, Birthday, Party, Baby Shower, Gift Wrap, Favor Boxes Decoration, and other Wedding Favor Ideas

100 Yards continuous custom printed ribbon

  • Custom printed on 3/8" satin ribbon
  • 100 yards per order
  • Orders are shipped uncut.
  • Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved
  • These are continuous printed ribbons, they are used for favors, gift wrapping, decor, baby showers, etc.
  • Where you need the printing throughout the ribbon, with little space in between each repeat of text.
  • These are not intended to be cut individually, or made into bows, that ribbon style is posted separately.

Printing Restrictions

  • 34 Maximum characters allowed
  • Maximum character limits does include spaces.
  • CAPS takes up 1.5 character spaces.
  • Can only print regular English alphabet and numbers. 
  • Can only print regular english alphabet, numbers, and the following symbols,  ( ) ? ! : $ " , @ # / - &
  • Please be informed that letters with accent on them (such as: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ü) will be converted to regular English alphabet.
  • If it's not listed here, then unfortunately, we are unable to print it. Not able to do foreign characters, symbols, accents.


  • Emblem takes up 2 character spaces, if you include emblem, you need to deduct 2 character spaces from the maximum spaces allowed.
  • Sorry, not able to do custom logos.

Production Time

  • This is the time required for production of your personalized item BEFORE shipping.
  • Production time does NOT include shipping time.
  • Please allow yourself enough time for the additional production time you've chosen.

Text Imprint Guideline

  • We will print EXACTLY as you enter.
  • Exception: if all CAPS due to CAPS taking 1.5 spacing, if and only if we cannot fit the entire line in CAPS, we will change to lower case letters.
  • We will NOT check for spelling errors, mistypes, or print color combinations.
  • Please make sure to review the order carefully prior to order confirmation.
  • WE WILL NOT contact you by email or phone to ask and confirm issues such as emblem locations, shortening of too long sentences and alike issues as this delays the entire production process.
  • WE WILL NOT be held responsible if our judgment on where to insert the emblem is not to your desired location due to the fact it was not stated when order was placed.
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE to complete the text fully with the "%" so there will be no confusion as to how the print should look.

Sample use for the continuous printed ribbons:

1).  These are intended to be used for favors, gift wrapping, decor, baby showers, etc.  They will be printed
similar to the following style as pictured below, with limited space in between each repeat of text.

2).  They are perfect for wrapping favor boxes such as our cake favor boxes. 

3).  Once wrapped, the text can be seen throughout, similar to pictured.




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Shower gifts
real user review Personalized Continuous Satin Ribbon Roll For Wedding Party Favors 25 Yards 3/8
The ribbon and the favors that I have received so far are beautiful. The candle and it's packaging is elegant, and, the colors offered for the ribbons are absolutely beautiful. The color I chose was blue and used gold writing. The actual total favor put together with the ribbon, made everything else on the tables stand out. I absolutely love these favors and the ribbon made them magnificent. Thank you so much.
Theresa P.
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love their products it was shipped very quickly and I'm very happy with it and I get a lot of positive remarks from clients
Verified Buyer
Custom Ribbon
Looks great!!! Exactly how I ordered it. Fast delivery too!!!
Megan R.
Verified Buyer
Verified Buyer
Super Cute
Excellent! Gave the personalized ribbon as a gift for my crafty friend and she loved it. Looksl ike quality ribbon.
Shannon S.
Verified Buyer
Great ribbon!
real user review Personalized Continuous Satin Ribbon Roll For Wedding Party Favors 100 Yards 7/8
Great! We use this ribbon for packaging pastries for our bake sale. The personalized ribbon adds a special touch to the packages.
Christine T.
Verified Buyer
3/8 monogrammed ribbon
real user review Personalized Continuous Satin Ribbon Roll For Wedding Party Favors 25 Yards 3/8
Loved the monogrammed ribbon. Wish you offered it in white. Overall very beautiful.
Barbara G.
Verified Buyer
Beautiful personalized ribbon
The ribbon was beautiful. I used it for my daughter wedding favors and they turned out great!!
Verified Buyer
The favor items were good, inexpensive, and served the purpose.
Verified Buyer
Top quality
Great experience. The ribbons were top quality. The wording just what I ordered. I love everything about these ribbons.
Verified Buyer