Photo Video Studio Lighting & Background Support System Kit, 600W White Umbrella With Chromakey Backdrop Muslins (Green Black White) - Free Carry Case Included 10ft

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2 pcs High-Quality 7 Ft Light Stands
1 pc High-Quality Miniature Light Stand
3 pcs Single Light Bulb Holder
2 pcs High-Quality 33" White Soft Umbrella Reflector
3 pcs 45W Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Photo Light Bulb
Approximate Incandescent Equivalent: 200 Watt
Total System Output: 600 Watt
1 pc Backdrop Support Stand With 10 Ft. Crossbar
3 pcs 6Ft×9Ft (Black, Green, White) Backdrops
3 pcs Heavy Duty Carry Case bag


Create Stunning Photos and Videos with the 600W White Umbrella Photo Video Studio Lighting Kit

Create Stunning Photos and Videos with the 600W White Umbrella Photo Video Studio Lighting Kit

Transform any space into a professional studio with our user-friendly Photo Video Studio Lighting & Background Support System Kit. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting out, this kit is perfect for capturing stunning photos and videos. The kit includes a 600W white umbrella that provides beautiful, even lighting, ensuring that every shot is well-lit and vibrant. With the chromakey backdrop muslins in green, black, and white, you have the flexibility to create various backgrounds for your subjects. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of renting a traditional studio and bring your creative vision to life with this versatile kit.

Our premium quality backdrops are made of top-grade materials that absorb light and keep colors vibrant without any unwanted reflections. The white translucent reflector umbrellas diffuse the light from any flash or constant sources, giving your photos and videos a soft and flattering glow. Made with nylon cloth, these backdrops are perfect for achieving a more subtle and softer look without harshening up your surroundings. The backdrop stand set is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring sturdiness and durability. The quick locks on the stands allow for instant height adjustment, giving you full control over your setup.

This durable photography lighting kit is designed to produce smoother images with fewer shadows. The spiral shape and soft white color of the light bulbs create a high-quality lighting setup that is perfect for on-location shoots or interviews where high contrast is not desirable. Even beginners can easily set up their own studio with the excellent lock system on the light stands. To make transportation a breeze, we've included a heavy-duty carry case bag to keep your camera and other equipment safe while you're on the go. Don't miss out on this all-in-one solution for your studio photography and video production needs.

Versatile and Practical Studio Lighting Kit for Event Decor and Wedding Backdrops

Versatile and Practical Studio Lighting Kit for Event Decor and Wedding Backdrops

Our Photo Video Studio Lighting & Background Support System Kit is not just for professional photographers and videographers. It's also a versatile tool for event decor and creating stunning wedding backdrops. With its easy setup and user-friendly features, this kit is perfect for transforming any event space into a visually captivating experience. Whether you're planning a wedding, hosting a party, or organizing a corporate event, this lighting kit will elevate the ambiance and create a memorable atmosphere.

The 600W white umbrella provides soft and even lighting that enhances the beauty of any event. The chromakey backdrop muslins in green, black, and white allow you to customize the background to match your event theme or branding. Create a romantic atmosphere with a soft white backdrop for a wedding ceremony or use the vibrant green backdrop for a lively party setting. The possibilities are endless with this versatile kit.

In addition to event decor, this studio lighting kit is also ideal for capturing professional-quality photos and videos during your special occasions. Whether you want to document every moment of your wedding day or create engaging content for your social media channels, this kit has everything you need. The premium quality backdrops and sturdy backdrop stand set ensure that your photos and videos will look polished and professional. With the included carry case bag, you can easily transport the kit to different locations and capture stunning visuals wherever you go.

Convenient and Portable Studio Lighting Kit in a Free Carry Case

Convenient and Portable Studio Lighting Kit in a Free Carry Case

Experience the convenience and portability of our Photo Video Studio Lighting & Background Support System Kit. Designed for photographers and videographers on the go, this kit comes with a free carry case that keeps your equipment safe and organized. Whether you're shooting on location or traveling to different events, this carry case ensures that your studio lighting kit is protected and ready to use.

The lightweight and durable design of the backdrop stand set make it easy to set up and take down in minutes. The quick locks on the stands allow for instant height adjustment, giving you flexibility in creating the perfect lighting setup. The 600W white umbrella and chromakey backdrop muslins can be easily attached and detached, allowing you to switch between different backgrounds and lighting styles effortlessly.

With this all-in-one studio lighting kit, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere. Whether you're a professional photographer, videographer, or event decorator, this kit provides the tools you need to capture stunning visuals and create unforgettable experiences. Don't let the limitations of a traditional studio hold you back. Invest in our Photo Video Studio Lighting & Background Support System Kit and take your photography and videography to new heights.

Additional Information:

  • Superior quality, pressure die-cast aluminum construction, an exceptionally strong yet lightweight stand
  • Solid locking capabilities with specially designed quick-release levers
  • Stands Extends to 86" high, Height is adjustable from 2ft 8in to 6ft 2in, 1/4" screw tip on the stem
  • Footprint is 2ft 6in to provide extra stability
  • Spring cushioned, Folds up quickly and easily
  • Max load of approx 7 lbs
  • 2). Miniature Light Stand:

    • Maximum 28" Tall heavy duty pressure die cast, black anodized aluminum light stand
    • Max Height: 2.3 Feet, Min height: 1.4 Feet, Max tube diameter: 23.5 MM
    • Solid quick release levers

    3). Professional Series Light Holders:  

    • Designed to hold bulbs up to 105 Watts
    • The adapter swivels in all directions  
    • You can use it as is or with the umbrella

    4). Professional 33" White Studio Umbrellas:

    • Easy to assemble/disassemble, Thick Nylon Construction

    5). 6500K Daylight Balanced Photo Light Bulbs:

    • 45W Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Photo Light Bulb
    • Average Life: 10k Hours.
    • Approximate Incandescent Equivalent: 200 Watt, total system output is 600 Watt
    • CRI (Color Rendering Index ) > 84
    • Flicker-Free and UL listed

    6).Backdrop Support Stand with 10' Crossbar

    • Height is adjustable from 3.5 ft to 8.8 ft
    • Width is adjustable from 5ft to 10ft

    7). 6'x9' Backdrop Screen (Green White Black)

    • Reflective and Non Gloss surface
    • Lightweight fabric
    • Uses: Wedding, Party and Event Photography, Professional Photography, Studio Lighting Kit, Video Production, Portrait Shooting


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    All I can say is: “Ready set action” the room is ready for a photo shoot! Use them as lamps.
    Verified Buyer
    Everything you need incredible photo box
    It is top quality. I couldn’t believe the quality of the 2 lights that are included. The way it all folds up into a neat easy to travel case with a versatile stand that holds your phone for clear pictures is amazing for the price.
    Nancy M.
    Verified Buyer
    Professional lights
    real user review Photo Studio 600W Day Light White Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit 7ft
    The item was well packaged and of good quality.
    Netty-Ann G.
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect for Studio and/or portable locations.
    This company has good public relations. This studio kit is exactly as pictured and described. The backgrounds are folded (as expected) and will look better if ironed or steamed. If we use them to go to remote locations, the backgrounds will work better rolled onto tubes such as wrapping paper to transport. It came faster than expected, well packaged, and the two carry bags are perfect for storage and transport. We are happy with this purchase and definitely recommend this kit.
    Bob, C.
    Verified Buyer
    Big Difference !
    Love the quality of pictures using this light box. Easy to use and items pop!
    Mary C.
    Verified Buyer
    Great deal
    All items where nicely made
    Verified Buyer
    Big value for small money
    real user review White Umbrella Continuous Lighting Photo Video Studio Kit With Soft Box Reflectors and Muslin Chromakey Backgrounds 1200W
    Easy to set up. Lot of stuff for the money. I'm no expert, but they took a totally dark room and made it lit very evenly with very pleasant sun-like light. Only small criticism would be that the back drop sheets seem a little narrow and thin.
    Verified Buyer
    I'm impressed!
    Easy to order, arrived a LOT faster than I expected and all items are great quality! My husband has already set them up in his photography studio, and has done a photo shoot - within a week of receiving them!
    Brigette B.
    Verified Buyer
    16” x 16” Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit in a Box
    Great product. Easy to use. Awsome quality
    James S.
    Verified Buyer
    Photo Studio Light Box
    Shipping was quick, and item was exactly as described. Will order again when needed!
    Laurie F.
    Verified Buyer