1200W White Umbrella Continuous Lighting Photo Video Studio Kit With Soft Box Reflectors and Muslin Chromakey Backgrounds

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2pcs Studio Single Head Photo Lighting Fluorescent Light Holder
4pcs Day Light Studio 85 Watt Light Bulb
2pcs 27" Studio Softbox Reflector With Light Holder
2pcs 33" White Umbrella Reflector
2pcs 86" Tall Light Stand For Umbrella
2pcs 6.5 Ft. Tall Heavy Duty Light Stand For Softbox
1pc Backdrop Support Stand With 10 Ft. Crossbar
1pc 6x9 Ft Muslin Green Backdrop Background Chroma Key
1pc 6x9 Ft Muslin Black Backdrop Background Chroma Key
1pc 6x9 Ft Muslin White Backdrop Background Chroma Key
Padded Heavy Duty Carrying Case


User Friendly Background Support System

Get your professional-looking photos and videos without the hassle or expense of a traditional studio with our user friendly Photo & Video Studio Kit. These kits are easy to set up and use, providing beautiful & even lighting that is perfect for any portrait photography and video production. Featuring a quick and easy locking system, you can showcase your creativity and capture stunning photos and videos in no time. Whether you're an experienced photographer or just starting out, we've got what it takes to turn any subject into a masterpiece.


Premium Quality Photo & Video Studio Kit

Top grade and seamless, these premium backdrops come in white, green, and black colors that absorb light and keep colors vibrant without giving unwanted reflections at your subject. The white translucent reflector umbrellas diffuse the light from any flash or constant sources. Made with nylon cloth, it can be used in places where you want a more subtle, softer glow that will not harsh up your surroundings. This backdrop stand set is made of high quality aluminum alloy and is very sturdy. The quick locks on the stands also allow for instant height adjustment.


Durable Photography Lighting Kit

The spiral shape and soft white color of the light bulbs help in producing smoother images with fewer shadows, making it perfect to use on location or during interviews where high contrast is not desirable. With an excellent lock system, the light stands also make it easy enough for even beginners to make their own studio setup. To keep your camera and other equipment safe while you're on the go, use the heavy duty carry case bag.


Additional Information:

  • Superior quality, pressure die-cast aluminum construction, an exceptionally strong yet lightweight stand
  • Solid locking capabilities with specially designed quick-release levers
  • Stands Extends to 86" high, Height is adjustable from 2ft 8in to 6ft 2in, 1/4" screw tip on the stem
  • Footprint is 2ft 6in to provide extra stability
  • Spring cushioned, Folds up quickly and easily
  • Max load of approx 7 lbs
  • 6.5 Ft Tall High Quality Softbox Light Stand:

    • Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
    • Industrial Standard Mounting Stud
    • Solid Locking System For Light Safety

    Studio Single Head Photo Lighting Fluorescent Light Holder: 

    • Designed to hold bulbs up to 105 Watts
    • The adapter swivels in all directions  
    • You can use it as is or with the umbrella

    Studio Softbox Reflector With Light Holder:

    • Made of high quality nylon
    • Size: 27" x 20" large soft box
    • Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting
    • Color: Black/Silver (Out/In)
    • 2 Levels Light Control Available

     White Umbrella Reflector:

    • Easy to assemble/disassemble, Thick Nylon Construction

    Day Light Studio 85 Watt Light Bulb:

    •  85W Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Photo Light Bulb Color Temperature: 6500k
    • Average Life: 10k Hours.
    • Approximate Incandescent Equivalent: 300 Watt, total system output is 1200 Watt
    • CRI (Color Rendering Index ) > 84
    • Flicker-Free and UL listed

    Backdrop Support Stand with 10' Crossbar:

    • Height is adjustable from 3.5 ft to 8.8 ft
    • Width is adjustable from 5ft to 10ft

    6x9 Ft Backdrop Screen (Green White Black)

    • Reflective and None Gloss surface
    • Lightweight fabric

    Padded Heavy Duty Carrying Case

    • Uses: Wedding, Party and Event Photography, Professional Photography, Studio Lighting Kit, Video Production, Portrait Shooting