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11 Sq ft. | 4 Panels Dark Green Boxwood Hedge Garden Wall Backdrop Mat

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  • Pack of 4 Panels$9.70 each
  • Case of 6 (Total of 24 Wall Mat Panels)$8.63 per Wall Mat PanelSave 11%

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Quantity: 4 Panels
Flower Type: Boxwood
Material: Plastic
Color: Dark Green
Each Panel Size: 24" x 16"
Thickness of the Panel: 1'' 
Total Area Covered: 11 Sq Ft
No. of Panels Required:
8x8 FT Wall: 24 (1 Case)
9x9 FT Wall: 31 (1 Case + 7 Panels)
10x10 FT Wall: 38 (1 Case + 14 Panels)
Durable & Dense boxwood hedge
High quality materials used; offers a more genuine and softer touch
Reinforced backing with built-in pin & hole locking
Super easy to install and cut
Perfect green all the year round
Anti-fading yarn; UV Protected
Thicker sturdy backing with drainage
Trimming and watering free
No pesticides and fertilizers required
Can be used on any surface - drywall, concrete, wooden walls etc.


      Additional Information:

      • Total Leaves per Stem: 11
      • Leaf Size: 1" - 2"
      • Super easy to install and cut; Trimming and watering free
      • Recyclable: No
      • Uses: Backdrops, Photo Backgrounds, Wall Coverings, Fence Accents, Hedges, Passage Way or Paths, Vertical Gardens, and more!