17"x95" Expandable Wooden Lattice Fence With Artificial Ivy Leaf Trellis Vines, Accordion Backdrop Fencing

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Quantity: 1 Expandable Lattice Fence
Leaf Material: Silk with Plastic Stems
Fence Material: Wood
Leaf Color: Green
Overall Size (Expanded): 17"H x 95"L
Overall Size (Unexpanded): 28"H x 10.5"L
Individual Ivy Leaf Size: 2"L x 1.5"W
Features: Expandable, easily attach to most surfaces, green all year round
Leaves are Single-Sided
For both indoor and outdoor usage
UV Resistant: Yes
Water Resistant: Yes
Assembly Required: No


Expandable Lattice Fence

Our pre-made expandable Lattice Fence will add natural beauty to your homes while also being ultra-functional. Requiring no tool and easy to install, these artificial plant panels are expandable, therefore saving you from all the toil of searching for the “right-sized” fencing. Simply expand or collapse the fence as per your desired length to achieve that forestry feel and look.


Artificial Ivy Trellis

Amazingly realistic in appearance and highly purposeful in application, these everlasting green fences can be used as a shade canopy on a trellis or an arch, to hide unsightly walls and corners, to disguise trash cans, air conditioning units or to cover chain link fences. Create simple privacy screens on your gates and railing, enclose open spaces under decking while adding lush greenery to your yard, garden, or patio.


Accordion Fencing

Requiring no maintenance, pruning, or watering, these wilt-free Lattice Panels will save you money and time. No need to buy new plants or to worry about their up-keep, as these lush green faux leave fences will stay green and blooming all year long.


Additional Information:

  • The cross stitch of the wood backing gives many different options when choosing how and where to mount it.
  • The Lattice Fence has a tendency of bending as it is stretched further and further.
  • The expandable option gives the product the flexibility to conform to different sizes depending on how far it is stretched or compressed.
  • Item is for Ivy Leaves & Wooden Fence Only, flowers and other decorative accessories are not included.
  • Ideal for garden, patio, balcony, deck, and backyard decor but not limited to these