12" Crystal Glass Candelabra With Crystal Filler, 7-Branch Taper Candle Stick Holder Stand with Mirror Rectangular Base

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Size: 12"

Quantity: 1 Candle Holder
Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Style: Crystal-Filled 7-Branch Menorah w/ Mirror Base
Overall Size: 12"L x 3.25"W x 7.5"H
Candle Holder Heights: 6"H, 7.5"H
Candle Holder Opening: 1"
Base Size: 6.25"L x 3"W
Accessory: 7 rubbers included
The tiny crystals allow reflection from the flickering candle light above.
Features: Premium quality thickened glass, sturdy mirrored base, elegant, versatile


<strong>Exquisite Crystal-Filled Glass Taper Candle Holder</strong>

Exquisite Crystal-Filled Glass Taper Candle Holder

Dreaming of adding a touch of timeless elegance to your upcoming wedding or special event? Look no further than our mesmerizing Clear Crystal-Filled Menorah Glass Taper Candle Holder. This stunning candelabra features a unique blend of sparkling crystals and sleek lines, creating a captivating centerpiece that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Imagine the warm glow of candlelight cascading through hand-cut crystals, casting a magical shimmer across your venue. Our glass taper candelabra isn’t just functional; it is an exquisite work of art that instantly elevate your event's ambiance. The crystal-filled design of our candle holders adds a sparkling allure, making this candelabra a beautiful centerpiece for weddings, dinners, and special occasions. Imagine this stunning piece as the focal point of your dining table, surrounded by lush floral arrangements and twinkling fairy lights, creating a magical ambiance that will captivate your guests. Designed in a traditional 7-branch style, this candelabra symbolizes the menorah used in Jewish worship. However, its beauty and elegance make it a versatile piece that can enhance any home or event decor. For a modern twist, place this candelabra on a mirrored tray and surround it with delicate glass votive holders and acrylic crystals or pearls for a glamorous look.

<strong>Clear Crystal-Filled Menorah Glass Taper Candelabra</strong>

Clear Crystal-Filled Menorah Glass Taper Candelabra

Embrace the grandeur of tradition with our Clear Crystal-Filled Menorah Glass Taper Candle Holder Candelabra. Inspired by the classic menorah design, this stunning candelabra boasts seven arms and a rectangular mirror base that reflects the warmth of the flames, creating a mesmerizing display that's both elegant and symbolic. Crafted from high-quality glass and filled with sparkling crystals, this awe-inspiring candle holder is an ideal centerpiece for weddings, religious ceremonies, holiday celebrations, or any occasion that demands a touch of sophistication. Imagine it gracing your reception table, emanating a soft, romantic glow that sets the mood for unforgettable memories. Our glass candle holders are not just functional; they are also works of art. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship make them a beautiful accent piece for your home or event space. For a romantic setting, place this candelabra on a mirrored tray with scattered rose petals and tealights, creating a dreamy atmosphere that is perfect for a wedding or anniversary celebration. Beyond its captivating beauty, this clear candle stick holder offers unparalleled versatility. Its sturdy construction guarantees stability and safety, allowing you to enjoy the magic of candlelight with peace of mind. This candle stand is more than just a holder for your taper candles; it is a statement piece that will elevate your decor to new heights. The modern design makes it perfect for contemporary settings, adding a touch of elegance and style. For a minimalist look, pair this candelabra with sleek black candlesticks and a simple white tablecloth for a striking contrast that will wow your guests.

<strong>Clear Crystal Glass Candelabra</strong>

Clear Crystal Glass Candelabra

Our taper candle holder is more than just a beautiful decoration; it is a tool for creating unforgettable experiences. The warm glow of candlelight fosters a sense of connection and intimacy, setting the stage for meaningful conversations and heartfelt moments. Imagine your guests gathering around a mesmerizing candelabra, their faces illuminated by the soft, flickering flames. This creates a unique ambiance that promotes conversation and fosters a sense of community. As a decorative candle holder, this piece is unparalleled. The crystal-filled design and mirror base create a stunning visual effect, making it a focal point in any room. For a luxurious feel, place this candelabra on a mirrored pedestal surrounded by fresh flowers and crystal accents, creating a glamorous setting that exudes opulence and style. Beyond weddings and special events, our candlestick stand can transform your everyday life. Light a few candles on a relaxing evening at home, and instantly create a haven of peace and tranquility. Let the gentle glow wash away the day's stresses and allow you to unwind in a truly magical atmosphere. This 7-Branch Pillar Candle Stick Stand is designed with a mirror rectangular base, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor. Crafted from high-quality glass, this candle stick holder ensures that your taper candles are securely held in place, creating a mesmerizing display of light and reflection.

Additional Information:

  • Listing is for Crystal Candle Holder only, candles and other decorations and accessories are NOT INCLUDED
  • Uses: Home Décor, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Anniversaries, Homecoming, Corporate Events, Tabletop Wedding Centerpieces, Holiday Candle Holders. Bar Mitzvah, Quinceaneras and more!