12 Pack | 10" White StyroFoam Disc, DIY Polystyrene Foam Craft Supplies

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Size: 10"

Quantity: 12 Discs / Order
Material: Styrofoam
Product Diameter: 10"
Product Thickness: 0.75"


White Styrofoam Disc

Introducing the white Styrofoam disc - the perfect addition to any craft project! This white, lightweight disk is made of high-quality Styrofoam, allowing for a durable surface to work on and customize without worrying about damaging it. The versatility this product offers makes it an extremely valuable asset to any budding crafter or experienced artisan alike. Create imaginative decor pieces at home with ease - from hanging mobiles to lampshades - you name it! The disk really opens up a whole world of possibilities so whether you’re searching for something new and challenging to add to your repertoire of projects or just looking for something simpler but equally creative, look no further than the white Styrofoam disc!


DIY White Polystyrene Foam

If you’re looking for something to create a model volcano with or a unique decoration for your kid’s school project, the crafting possibilities with DIY Polystyrene foam are endless. This foam disc is ideal for young children as a blank canvas for their imagination. With its soft and lightweight structure, kids can express themselves without having to worry about the sharp fragility that traditional materials like wood and metal have. Little ones can safely express their creativity without the fear of hurting themselves with these discs. Additionally, it’s a great option for adults who enjoy dabbling in crafts but don’t want to commit too much time or money to it. Great for DIYers on the go!


White Foam Craft Supplies

Create stylish and timeless designs with our Styrofoam discs. This durable white Styrofoam is the ideal material for crafting foam boxes, floral foam, packaging foams, and more. The classic and clean look of these discs will instantly elevate your projects. Whether you’re looking to decorate a cake or raise supplies off floors, these economical products are just what you need. The lightweight yet sturdy material is shock-absorbent and water-resistant so that it can easily protect during transport. The quality material offers great insulation properties and will last long to hold your product in place firmly and securely over time. With clean slices every time you can please guests with amazing centerpiece designs, wedding decorations, party favors, creative craft projects, and more! Enjoy creative freedom at an affordable price using our white Styrofoam discs.


Additional Information:

  • Uses: DIY Crafts, Wedding, Party, Birthday, Favor Decor, Gift Decor, Art Projects, and Various Decorations