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12 Pack | 10" White StyroFoam Disc, DIY Polystyrene Foam Craft Supplies

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Size: 10"

Quantity: 12 Discs / Order
Material: Styrofoam
Product Diameter: 10"
Product Thickness: 0.75"


Styrofoam Disc

There’s nothing easier to use than these Styrofoam discs for creating amazing crafts and centerpieces for birthdays, showers, holiday parties, or any festive occasions. You can easily cut it, shape it, glue it, sculpt it, paint it, or adorn it with sequins, glitter, seashells, moss, fabric, paper, or even sand to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your party or home décor.

Craft Styrofoam

Made from lightweight and porous Styrofoam, these round discs have a soft and smooth texture so you can decorate them just the way you want. Be it for your wall art, table centerpiece, kids’ crafts, or Christmas tree décor, Styrofoam discs can be decorated in so many different ways to create a unique decorative look.

Floral Supplies

Create a masterpiece by adorning these Styrofoam discs with many exciting decorative accents to impress your guests at an upcoming party. Not only are these discs easy to cut and shape but are also the perfect choice for painting in playful colors for your kid’s birthday party.

Additional Information:

  • Quantity: 12 Discs / Order
  • Material: Styrofoam
  • Product Diameter: 10"
  • Product Thickness: 0.75"
  • Uses: DIY Crafts, Wedding, Party, Birthday, Favor Decor, Gift Decor, Art Projects, and Various Decorations