12 Pack | 2" Fuchsia Diamond Studded Wired Organza Butterflies

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Style: Butterflies with Acrylic Diamonds and Glitter highlights
Color: Fuchsia / Hot Pink
Size: 2" long
Count: 1 order is for 1 dozen Diamonds & Prosperity Butterflies
Organza and Wire butterflies with rhinestone accents and glitter around the wings


Crystal Butterflies

Sprinkle some magic dust into your celebration with our Diamond and Prosperity Butterflies. Yes! They are dainty pixies fashioned in a butterfly form with the most breathtaking glitter and jewel details to add that element of empyrean mysticism into your merriment.


Organza Butterflies

The impeccable sheen and seductive luster of acrylic diamonds coupled with the glitzy flamboyancy of glitter highlights make these mystic accessories look very extravagant and stunning. Create a magical feel into any fairytale-theme birthday party with these bejeweled luxuries atop the magic wands. Indulge your guests into a magical trip to a wonderland with our diamond and prosperity butterflies spreading magic all around them!


Studded Butterflies

Glam your decorations up by placing these glimmer butterflies atop your favors, gifts, or centerpieces, create shimmering sashes, headpieces, or bows, adorn your decorative arches, trees, or walls.


Additional Information:

  • Uses: holiday crafts, wedding, gift, sewing, scrapbooking, hair bows, belts tons, applique, birthday, Favor, DIY, Table Decoration