12 Pack Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders, Votive Glittered Tealight Holders 2" Square

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Quantity: 12 Candle Holders
Material: Glass
Color: Gold
Style: Square Mercury Glass Candle Holders
Overall Size: 2"H x 2"L x 2"W
Inner Size: 1.6"H x 1.6"L x 1.6"W
Base Size: 1.8"L x 1.8"W
Glass Thickness: 5mm
Perfect for home decor, weddings, quinceanera parties, or any events.


    Elegant Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders for Stunning Event Decor

    Add a touch of mesmerizing metallic sheen and warm glow to your home, office, party, or event space with these exquisite gold mercury glass candle holders. Crafted with a chic square shape and modish mercury glass construction, these candle holders elevate the elegance of your candle decorations to new heights. The rich gold color adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any setting, making them perfect for weddings, parties, and special occasions.

    Not only do these candle holders showcase your votive candles, but they also serve as stylish decor pieces on their own. The premium quality glass construction, enhanced by a speckled mercury glass finish, creates a captivating visual effect. Whether you're using votive candles, taper candles, LED candles, pillar candles, or tea lights, these versatile candle holders provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing their beauty. The square shape adds a modern and contemporary touch to your decor, making them a standout feature in any setting.

    The artistic appearance and stunning impact of these gold mercury glass candle holders make them a must-have for any event. Their multipurpose design allows you to use them in various ways. Fill them with flowers, bouquets, greenery, or picks to create a dazzling floral centerpiece that will impress your guests. They can also be used to display your stationary, makeup essentials, art supplies, and more. These candle holders make exceptional gifts for your loved ones, whether it's for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, showers, or housewarmings. Their timeless elegance and versatility ensure they will be cherished for years to come.


    Create an Enchanting Atmosphere with Glittered Tealight Holders

    Transform any space into a magical and enchanting setting with these glittered tealight holders. Designed with a stylish square shape and crafted from premium quality glass, these candle holders are the perfect choice for adding a touch of sparkle to your event decor. The speckled mercury glass finish enhances the shimmering effect, creating a captivating ambiance that will leave your guests in awe.

    Whether you're planning a wedding, hosting a party, or simply decorating your home, these tealight holders will elevate the atmosphere and create a warm and inviting glow. Their compact size makes them ideal for placing on tables, mantels, or any other surface that needs a touch of elegance. Light up your tealights and watch as the flickering flames dance through the glittered glass, casting a mesmerizing glow that sets the mood for a memorable occasion.

    Not only are these tealight holders perfect for illuminating your space, but they also offer endless possibilities for creative displays. Fill them with colored sand, decorative stones, or even small floral arrangements to customize the look to match your event theme. They can also be used as charming party favors for your guests to take home and enjoy. With their versatility and beauty, these glittered tealight holders are a must-have for anyone looking to create a truly enchanting atmosphere.


    Convenient 12 Pack of Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders

    Get ready to transform your event decor with this convenient 12 pack of gold mercury glass candle holders. Whether you're planning a grand wedding reception or a small intimate gathering, having multiple candle holders ensures that every corner of your venue is adorned with elegance and charm. The gold color adds a luxurious touch to any setting, making it perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

    With this 12 pack, you'll have plenty of candle holders to create stunning centerpieces, line up along the aisle, or scatter throughout your venue. The square shape and mercury glass construction provide a cohesive and sophisticated look that will impress your guests. Whether you're using them for votive candles, taper candles, LED candles, pillar candles, or tea lights, these candle holders will beautifully showcase your chosen candles and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Not only are these candle holders perfect for event decor, but they also make a practical addition to your home. Use them to create a cozy ambiance during intimate dinners, relaxing baths, or romantic evenings. The gold mercury glass adds a touch of glamour to any space, making it feel more luxurious and inviting. With this 12 pack of gold mercury glass candle holders, you'll have the versatility and convenience to decorate any space and create memorable moments.


    Additional Information:

    • Outer Color is Gold & Inner Color is Silver
    • Candles and other decorations are not included.
    • For safety precautions we recommend the votive candle holders to be used with an LED tea light. However, regular tea light candles may also be used.
    • Uses: Perfect for Weddings, Churches, Restaurants, Events, Home Decor.


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      Yes more prettier in person ! I’m very happy with the quality
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      real user review 12 Pack Rose Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders, Votive Glittered Tealight Holders 2
      Beautiful candle holders
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      Love these, well made.
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      Love these, well made.
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      Glow up!
      I loved everything I purchased. I gave a 65th party for my partner. My dessert rable was the talk 9f the town.
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      Excellent quality!
      I was really surprised by the quality of these votives. The light from an led flickering candle is absolutely beautiful and romantic. I will be using them to decorate the stairs at my wedding. Would recommend.
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