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12 Pack 3.5 Yards 2" Rustic Paris Cotton Ribbon Dress

Item Number: RIB_JUTE_003

$9.99 Sale Price (Only $0.83 each piece)
$14.49 Retail Price

  • Material: Cotton
  • Quantity: 12 rolls per order
  • Size: 2" wide by 3.2 yards long

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The unique blending of contemporary styles with rustic charm always lay an influential impact on the merriment. Luxury meets natural beauty in our Paris theme burlap ribbon roll that is made from high quality cotton material and is accented with Paris theme prints. Burlap is a hot trend in wedding decorations and also in home decorations. Use our special Paris theme printed burlap ribbon roll to transform ordinary objects into something classic and chic. There are endless possibilities in using this trendy burlap with such superb texture and a Paris theme. This Eiffel printed versatile burlap can serve all your rustic and contemporary needs; wrap it around an ordinary clay pot, a candle or glass for an instant touch of class. Use it to fashion a stylish bow, or hang a wreath with it to heighten the natural appeal of your party space. This rustic burlap bolt in natural tone will elicit that countryside charm and tranquility to your event. This Eiffel Tower accented burlap roll will fuse nature with celebration and thus will ooze the oodles of tranquil ecstasy that is found so rarely in most of the indoor events.

Additional Information:
Material: Cotton
Quantity: 12 rolls per order
Size: 2" wide by 3.2 yards long

Uses : Wedding, Party, Birthday, Events, Gift, Favors, DIY, Decoration


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