LED Light Rotating Heavy Duty Motor For Hanging Mirror Disco Ball, 5 RPM Battery Operated Motor With 8" Hanging Chain 18 LED Light Rotating Heavy Duty Motor For Hanging Mirror Disco Ball, Battery Operated Motor With 8" Hanging Chain 5 RPM

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  • 12 RPM
  • 18 LEDS | 5 RPM


Quantity: 1 Mirror Ball Motor
Material: Plastic | Metal
Rotating Motor Color: Black
Total LEDs: 18
LED Colors: Red | Green | Blue | White
Overall Size: 5" Dia x 3"H
Chain Length: 8"
RPM: 5
Power Source: Battery Operated
Battery Required: 3x AA Batteries (Not Included)
Run Time: 12 hrs (depends on battery brand)
Weight Capacity: 11 lbs (Max)
Rotation: Clockwise
Can handle mirror balls up to 20"



Rotating Mirror Disco Ball Motor

Ignite the dance floor and infuse your parties with electrifying energy using our Rotating Disco Ball Motor. With its mesmerizing rotation, vibrant LED lights, and convenient hanging chain, this is the ultimate party accessory that will elevate your gatherings to new heights of excitement and joy. Prepare to be dazzled as the vibrant LED lights burst to life, casting a kaleidoscope of colors onto the dance floor. Watch in awe as the mirrored disco ball spins and reflects these brilliant hues, creating a captivating display that will leave your guests spellbound. The dynamic interplay of lights and reflections will transport everyone back to the golden age of disco, filling the room with an irresistible groove.


Battery Operated Mirror Ball Motor

Crafted with heavy-duty materials, this disco ball motor ensures a seamless and steady rotation, allowing the disco ball to effortlessly spread its vibrant light patterns across the entire venue. The robust construction guarantees long-lasting durability, ensuring countless nights of endless fun. Setting up the disco ball motor is a breeze with the included hanging chain. Simply suspend the motor from a ceiling or support structure, attach your disco ball, and let the magic unfold. As the disco ball rotates and the LED lights come alive, the atmosphere transforms into a pulsating dance floor, drawing everyone in to join the festivities.


Heavy Duty Hanging Display Motor

Say goodbye to the limitations of power cords and outlets. Our battery-operated disco ball motor provides the freedom to place it wherever you desire, indoors or outdoors. This portability makes it perfect for a variety of venues and occasions. Whether it's a house party, a wedding reception, or a spontaneous outdoor gathering, this disco ball motor is ready to ignite the celebration wherever you go. It's time to let the lights, reflections, and groovy vibes take over the dance floor. Get ready to unleash the disco fever and make every event an unforgettable experience with this spectacular party essential.


Additional Information:

  • Listing is for Mirror Ball Motor With Hanging Chain Only. Mirror Disco Balls and other accessories are not included
  • Mounts to the ceiling with screws, and works great with disco ball as lights of motor rotating.
  • Uses: Perfect for DJs, Bands, Pubs, Weddings, Banquets, Night Clubs, Discos or any other occasion for providing a gleaming and breathtaking atmosphere.
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    Ideal for Proms and Parties
    real user review 18 LED Light Rotating Heavy Duty Motor For Hanging Mirror Disco Ball, 5 RPM Battery Operated Motor With 8
    Love that is battery operated and works amazing
    Milton C.
    Verified Buyer
    Disco ball and rotating disco motor
    Very pleased with the quality of the products and the rapid delivery. I would definitely shop here again.
    ARDY F.
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