2 Bouquets Yellow Artificial Silk Sunflower Flower Bushes 13"

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Quantity: 2 Flower Bouquets
Flower Type: Sunflower
Flower Material: Silk
Stem Material: Plastic with inside wire
Flower Color: Yellow
Overall Size: 13"L x 11"W
Sunflowers per Bouquet: 13 (4x Large, 9x Small)
Large Sunflower Size: 0.5"H x 3.75" Dia.
Small Sunflower Size: 0.5"H x 1.25" Dia.
Main Leaf Size: 2.5"-3"L x 1.5"-2.75"W
Stem Height: 3.5"
Stem Thickness: 5mm
Wire inside the Plastic stem, making it bendable


Brighten Up Your Decor with Yellow Artificial Silk Sunflower Bouquets

Add a touch of sunshine to your home or event with our vibrant Yellow Artificial Silk Sunflower Bouquets. These stunning flower bushes are the perfect way to spread summery cheerfulness and create a joyful atmosphere. Whether you're planning a wedding, party, or simply want to enhance your home decor, these artificial flowers will bring a burst of color and beauty to any space.

Crafted from high-quality silk, our sunflower bouquets look surprisingly realistic. The petals have a smooth texture that mimics the natural touch of real flowers. You'll be amazed at how authentic they appear, fooling even the most discerning eye. With their bright yellow hue and lifelike formation, these fake sunflowers will make your arrangements and centerpieces stand out and surpass the most sophisticated of designs.

Versatile and multipurpose, these yellow artificial silk sunflowers can be used in a variety of ways. Create a stunning bridal bouquet, decorate floral backdrops, or add a pop of color to your vase arrangements. Combine them with our artificial roses, silk lilies, hydrangeas, tulips, orchids, and greenery for a vibrant and colorful floral arrangement. These eye-catching blooms are also perfect for adorning aisles, arches, poles, tables, chairs, and backdrops. Let your creativity run wild and bring the beauty of sunflowers to every aspect of your event decor.


Bring the Warmth of Sunshine to Your Home or Event

Imagine walking into a room filled with the bright and cheerful presence of our Yellow Artificial Silk Sunflower Bouquets. These decorative bouquets are the perfect way to infuse your space with the warmth and happiness of sunshine. Whether you're hosting a summer gathering or simply want to add a touch of joy to your everyday life, these artificial flowers are the ideal choice.

Our sunflower bushes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that they look incredibly lifelike. The soft silk petals have a natural texture that adds to their realistic appearance. You'll be amazed at how these fake sunflowers can fool anyone into thinking they're the real deal. The vibrant yellow color and intricate formation of the petals make these bouquets a standout addition to any decor.

Not only are these yellow artificial silk sunflowers beautiful, but they're also incredibly versatile. Use them to create stunning centerpieces for your dining table or coffee table. Place them on your mantel or office desk to bring a touch of nature indoors. These decorative bouquets are also perfect for embellishing counters, shelves, and any other surface that needs a pop of color. With their sunny and vibrant presence, these sunflower bouquets will instantly uplift the mood of any space.


Elevate Your Event Decor with Yellow Artificial Silk Sunflower Bouquets

Planning an event and want to create a memorable atmosphere? Look no further than our Yellow Artificial Silk Sunflower Bouquets. These stunning flower bushes are the perfect choice for event planners and decorators who want to add a touch of sunshine to their designs. Whether you're organizing a wedding, party, or corporate event, these artificial flowers will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Crafted from top-quality silk, our sunflower bouquets are designed to impress. The realistic look and smooth texture of the petals will fool anyone into thinking they're real flowers. The vibrant yellow color adds a dash of brightness to any decor, while the lifelike formation of the petals creates a stunning visual impact. These fake sunflowers are sure to surpass even the most sophisticated arrangements.

The versatility of these yellow artificial silk sunflowers makes them a must-have for event planners. Use them to create beautiful bridal bouquets that will leave everyone in awe. Decorate floral backdrops and vases with these eye-catching blooms to create a colorful and vibrant ambiance. Whether you're adorning aisles, arches, poles, tables, chairs, or backdrops, these sunflower bouquets will elevate your event decor to new heights. Let your creativity shine and make your event a memorable one with the beauty of sunflowers.


Additional Information:

  • Perfect as wedding bouquet, home office wall shelf decoration, party supplies, table centerpieces arrangement
  • Note: Order is for Sunflower Stems only. Other accessories not included
  • Used for weddings, hotels, parties as well as other ceremonies, best decoration for home, hotel and park, etc.


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Artificial Silk Sunflowers
real user review Artificial Silk Sunflower Table Garland, Flower Vine Chain 6.5ft
Amazed how beautiful they are. Using for a parade float.
Cindy P.
Verified Buyer
Beautiful Adornment
real user review 2 Pack Artificial Silk Hanging Sunflower Kissing Ball With Satin Ribbon 7
I love Efavormart’s flower balls. I use them with all of my holiday/seasonal decor. These sunflowers brighten and add cheer to my room. Great pricing and speedy delivery. Always great quality. Always worth the purchase.
Shonya C.
Verified Buyer
Quality faux flower
Exactly what I was looking for.
Ann J.
Verified Buyer
These sunflowers are just beautiful.
real user review 3 Stems Yellow Artificial Silk Sunflower Flower Bouquet Branches 17
I used them for my daughters wedding.
Dana C.
Verified Buyer
sunflower bushes
beautiful,perfect for bouquets.
Linda B.
Verified Buyer
Great quality - they look real
Would buy again - great quality
Lisa L.
Verified Buyer
I am satisfied with the sunflowers sent to me. It feels like Spring.
Frances V.
Verified Buyer
Adding a splash of color
real user review 5 Bushes 70 Yellow Artificial Silk Blossomed Sunflowers Vase Decor
It was exactly what I wanted my white house needs a splash of color and it is so hot down here that real flowers just die. They were delivered in a very timely manner they were in very good condition and this is the result
Verified Buyer
Sunflower Madness
real user review 2 Pack Artificial Silk Hanging Sunflower Kissing Ball With Satin Ribbon 7
As you can see my centerpiece his amazing. I can't wait for my mom to see them at her 70th Birthday bash. The Queen Bee 70!
Yolanda T.
Verified Buyer
My forever vase of Sunflowers
I really like that the stems look so real, being long and think. Some of the flowers are smashed from shipping but I still like them and am happy with my purchase. I did cut the leaf off of each one because all of the real sunflowers that I had did not have leaves on them
Linda H.
Verified Buyer