2 Bushes | 14 Pcs Aqua and Cream Peony Artificial Silk Peonies Bouquet

Item Number : ARTI_BOUQ_PEO01_084

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(Only $8.74 each Bush)

2 Bushes | 14 Pcs Aqua and Cream Peony Artificial Silk Peonies Bouquet

Item Number : ARTI_BOUQ_PEO01_084

Quantity: 2 Silk Peony Bouquets (Total 14 Flowers)
Material: 1 High Quality Silk
Each Bouquet: 7 Flowers
Flower Color: Ice Blue, Turquoise, Ivory
Height of Bouquet: 19"
Stem Height: 13"-16"
Length of Flower: 2"
Width of Flower: 3"
Removable Flower Head: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Features: Natural-looking, Soft and Big Artificial Peony Flower

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Surprisingly natural looking, these Faux Peonies Bouquet with charming vintage tones will exude eternal freshness and ceaseless radiance, livening up your home, office, or party space. Intricately handcrafted from smooth silk in amazingly realistic looking blooms, these faux peonies mimic the natural beauty and delicate charm of real peonies. Bouquet looks surprisingly life-like with lush green foliage and silk stamens; while the fully bloomed blossoms with beautifully hand rolled petals impart a truly romantic touch to the bouquet. Use it as a Bridal Bouquet, or fill in our Pilsner Glass Vases, Crystal Flower Bowls, Metal Floor Vases, Hurricane Vases, and Eiffel Tower Vases for a colorful Flower Arrangement, or decorate your aisle, arches, poles, tables, chairs, and backdrops with these vintage beauties.!

 Additional Information:

  • Material: High Quality Silk
  • Quantity: 2 Bouquets (Total 14 Flowers)
  • Each Bouquet: 7 Flowers
  • Flower Color: Ice Blue, Turquoise, Ivory
  • Stem Color: Reddish Brown
  • Total Stem Count: 12
  • Height of Bouquet: 19"
  • Total Leaves Count: 39
  • Leaves per Bush: 3 - 6 (2 different leaves per bush)
  • Length of a Leaf: 3.5" and 3"
  • Width of a Leaf: 3" and 1.75"
  • Stem Height: 13" - 16"
  • Length of Flower: 2" 
  • Width of Flower: 3"
  • Removable Flower Head: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • 1 vase should fit 2 bouquets or more
  • Features: Natural-looking, Soft and Big Artificial Peony Flower
  • Perfect use as single individual flowers or in bunches


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