2 Pack Green Floral Wire, DIY Craft Paddle Wire for Flower Arrangements 38 Yards 20 Gauge

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  • Clear Plastic
  • Green Metal Coated W/ Plastic
  • Silver Wire Mesh

Quantity: 2 Paddle Wire
Material: Metal Wire coated with plastic
Color: Green
Craft Wire Length per Paddle: 38 Yards
Thickness: 1mm | 20 Gauge
Paddle Size: 4"L x 1.5"W x 3mm Thickness
Ideal for floral arrangements, crafts, and projects.
Can be cut freely at any length, because it is wrapped on the same object.
For larger flowers that need the support of a thicker wire, and to hold their position in a spray
Simply wrap around any flower stems and cover wire with floral tape.


Green Floral Wire for Versatile Craft Projects

Green Floral Wire for Versatile Craft Projects

Introducing our 2 Pack Green Floral Wire, the perfect accessory for all your DIY craft and floral arrangement needs. Made from heavy-duty, highly flexible metal wire, this paddle wire offers unsurpassed firmness and support to your crafts and projects. With its vibrant green color that is fade-resistant, this wire adds a touch of elegance to any creation.

Bendable and incredibly flexible, our Green Floral Wire allows you to bring your artistic visions to life. Whether you're creating stunning flower arrangements for weddings, parties, or other events, or working on a variety of craft projects, this wire is a must-have. Its durability and sturdiness make it ideal for attaching stems and flowers together, securing bunched flowers and greenery, and even securing vines, shrubs, and other plants to trellises or stakes.

Cutting and wrapping this wire is a breeze, making it convenient for all your craft operations. Its versatility extends beyond floral arrangements and crafts - it can also be used for cable management at home or in the office. Use it to tie up open bags or packages, secure wall hangings, air plants, garlands, or even suspend your hanging plants and decorations. The possibilities are endless with our Green Floral Wire.

Unleash Your Creativity with Green Floral Wire

Unleash Your Creativity with Green Floral Wire

Our Green Floral Wire offers easy application and a multitude of craft and décor options. Whether you're a professional florist or a DIY enthusiast, this wire is the perfect tool for your creative projects. Use it for flower arrangement production, decoration, creation of Christmas wreaths, or any other handicraft production. Its bright green color adds a touch of vibrancy and freshness to your designs.

Planning a wedding or a special event? Our Green Floral Wire is a must-have for your event décor. Create stunning centerpieces, bouquets, and floral installations that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The durability and strength of this wire ensure that your arrangements stay intact throughout the event, adding an extra touch of elegance and sophistication.

Not only is our Green Floral Wire perfect for event decorations, but it is also a versatile tool for everyday DIY craft projects. Whether you're creating wreaths, floral crowns, or any other craft item, this wire provides the support and flexibility you need. Its easy application and ability to be cut at any length make it a convenient choice for all your crafting needs.

Green Floral Wire - The Ultimate Floral Arrangement Accessory

Green Floral Wire - The Ultimate Floral Arrangement Accessory

Enhance your floral arrangements with our 2 Pack Green Floral Wire. This wire is specifically designed to add strength and support to your flower creations, ensuring they look stunning and last longer. Whether you're a professional florist or a DIY enthusiast, this wire is a game-changer in the world of floral design.

The bright green color of our Floral Wire adds a pop of vibrancy to your arrangements, making them visually appealing and eye-catching. It's the perfect accessory for creating beautiful bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and other floral designs. The 20 gauge thickness provides just the right amount of flexibility and stability, allowing you to shape and mold your flowers with ease.

In addition to its floral applications, our Green Floral Wire has a wide range of uses. It can be used for Christmas wreath-making, wreath production, and other decorative purposes. Its versatility extends beyond the world of flowers, making it a handy tool for various craft projects. From securing wall hangings to organizing cables, this wire is a must-have in any DIY enthusiast's toolkit.

Additional Information:

  • The higher the gauge, the more flexible and thinner the wire.
  • Perfect for constructing garlands, hanging wreaths by shaping them into loops, holiday craft tying and securing, floral arrangements, strengthening stems, protecting bunches of flowers and green plants, and more!
  • Also can be used to wire bows onto arrangements and secure greenery or cones to wreath frame.


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It was great. It couldn’t of worked better.
Jaley F.
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i see value
Item received on time and as described. can't wait to use to create my own decorating 'magic' with the invisible wire.
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Good quality
This is good quality sturdy wire. Very happy.
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I will my crystal in the sun window.
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Wonderful used it to hang my garland of balloons and it workout perfectly i will used it again
Monica M.
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Smith Wedding
Quality was good and delivery on time
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A must
Good quality and easy to order
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It’s good
Overall it’s not too much wire, I will have to buy more.....
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