2 Pack Red Ivory Artificial Silk Mini Rose Vines Hanging Flower Garland with 45 Flower Heads - 8ft

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Size: 8ft

Quantity: 2 Flower Garlands
Flower Type: Rose
Material: High-Quality Silk and Plastic
Color: Red | Ivory
Overall Length: 8ft
Flower Size: 2"D x 1.5"H
Total Flower Heads: 45
Leaf Size: 2"D x 2"W
Features: Premium Silk Petals, Flexible Stems, Vibrant Colors, Durable, Easy to Care


Red Ivory Artificial Silk Rose Flower Garland

Red Ivory Artificial Silk Rose Flower Garland

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our 2 Pack Red Ivory Artificial Silk Rose Flower Garlands. Each garland showcases meticulously crafted red ivory blooms, exuding a delicate yet captivating charm ideal for weddings, parties, or daily embellishments. The soft hues of the roses infuse an elegant ambiance into any décor, establishing a captivating visual centerpiece that elevates the atmosphere of your space.

Adding to the allure are the subtle variations in shades within the red ivory blooms, creating captivating depth and dimension that captivates from every angle. Whether adorning a wedding arch, enhancing a reception hall, or enriching your home décor, these garlands offer enduring beauty and sophistication, seamlessly complementing any setting.

Realistic Red Ivory Floral Hanging Vines

Realistic Red Ivory Floral Hanging Vines

In complement to the red ivory blooms, lush green eucalyptus leaves gracefully intertwine within the garlands. This harmonious fusion conjures a captivating contrast, evoking the essence of natural beauty and freshness. Whether draped along a mantelpiece, entwined around a banister, or suspended above an archway, these garlands infuse enchanting botanical allure, elevating the ambiance to new levels of sophistication and charm.

The lifelike appearance of the eucalyptus leaves adds depth and texture to the garlands, imbuing them with a sense of movement and vitality that brings the arrangement to life. Their flexible design enables you to bend and shape them to suit your desired display, offering limitless opportunities for creative expression and customization.

Versatile Red Ivory Artificial Flower Vines

Versatile Red Ivory Artificial Flower Vines

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each garland boasts 45 flower heads meticulously arranged along a generous 8-foot length. The profusion of flower heads ensures a lavish appearance, facilitating effortless adornment of large areas or creation of intricate arrangements. With their versatile design, these garlands offer boundless possibilities for embellishing your home, event venue, or special occasion, exuding an aura of timeless elegance and charm.

Constructed with durability in mind, these garlands are engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use and long-term display. The robust construction ensures that the flowers and leaves remain securely attached, even when hung or draped in high-traffic areas. Whether utilized as a focal point or as subtle accents, these garlands are certain to impress with their beauty and versatility, establishing them as an indispensable addition to your décor collection.

Bring a touch of effortless elegance to any occasion with our versatile silk rose flower garlands. Whether planning a wedding, hosting a garden party, or simply adorning your home for a special event, these garlands offer boundless opportunities for creative expression. Their gentle red ivory hues harmonize with a variety of color palettes and themes, rendering them perfect for infusing a romantic and sophisticated touch into weddings, bridal showers, or any celebration. Let these garlands ignite your imagination and transform any space into a sanctuary of beauty and charm. ✓ Shop now!

Additional Information:

  • Listing is for Silk Rose Garlands only. Other decorative accessories are not included
  • Uses: Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Decorations, Wedding Backdrops, Table Centerpiece, Wedding Arch Flowers, and more!