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24" Color Changing LED Spiral Metal Tower Columns

Item Number: PROP_EIF001_SILV

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$137.16 Retail Price

  • QTY: 1pc per order
  • Material: Silver Polyethylene Tubes
  • LED Colors - Red, Blue, Purple, and Fuchsia
  • Height: 24" Tall (Approx.)
  • Cord Length: 64" Long (Approx.)
  • LED counts:  50 Led Bulbs
  • Output - 45Watts

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    This stunning Spiral Color Changing Light Lamp features light bulbs which change into four different colors; red, purple, fuchsia, and blue.  Use it as a glitzy wedding centerpiece, place a kissing ball atop or glittered stems and bushes inside for a breathtaking floral arrangement. Shaped in voguish curved shape and crafted from premium quality metal with glamorous color changing LED bulbs, this is perfect for placing in your living room for a dramatic focal point or in your bedroom to create some calming mood lighting.

    Additional Information:

    • Material: Silver Polyethylene Tubes, Strengthened toughness with metal frame, with color matched silver wires for LED spread throughout the massive tower
    • LED Colors - Red, Blue, Purple, and Fuchsia
    • Height: 25" Tall (approx.)
    • Base: 8" Diameter
    • Top Opening: 7" Diameter
    • Middle : 11.5" circum (3.66" Diameter)
    • Cord Length: 64" Long (approx.)
    • LED counts: 50 Led Bulbs
    • Color Modes:
      First turn on, it’s a Automatic Gradual Color changes
      Second turn Off/On = Solid Blue,
      Third Off/On = Solid Fushia,
      Fourth Off/On = Red,
      Fifth Off/On = Color changing mode but not gradual, more sudden and fast, and each click is after that speeds up - after 4 times it goes back to the first one.
    • To completely reset, turn it off, simply unplug, wait 1 min and then plug it back in again, it will reset to the default
    • Output - 45Watts
    • Uses : Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration


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