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24" Tall Trumpet Heavy Duty Glass Vase Party Decoration - Clear - 6/Set

Item Number: VASE_A8_24

$119.99 Sale Price (Only $19.99 each vase)
$173.99 Retail Price

  • Dimensions: Approximate Size-4.25" Widthx24"Height
  • Material: Glass
  • Quantity-6pcs/order

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Our Pilsner Vase is shaped like a tall, tantalizing trumpet, our crystal clear glass trumpet vase makes an eye-catching decorative accessory for your party tables. Wider opening helps in exhibiting many beautiful flowers, dyed stems, glittered branches, ostrich feathers, and other objects extravagantly. Broad base gives sufficient balance and stability to the vase and prevents the tall upper half from tumbling down in case of accidental bumps; while the attribute of transparency displays the ethereal decorations you fill inside. These versatile vases can be filled with layers of confetti, acrylic ice crystals, jelly filler balls, colored sand or stones, craft flowers, candles, or petals.  Place these vases atop our decorative mirrors with LEDs and velvet flowers all around and fill with ostrich feathers, fresh seasonal flowers, or organza and satin blossoms.

Additional Information:
Material: Glass
Size-4.25" Widthx24"Height

Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration

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