27W 9 LED Blue UV Stage Floor Wall Light Bar, Outdoor Indoor Uplight

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27W Lightweight LED Bar Light
Material: Aluminum Housing
Case Color: Black
LED Color: Blue
LED Count: 9
Light Source: 9 x 3W UV LED
Beam Angle: 60°
Wavelength: 395-400 nm
Work Voltage: 100-2040V; 50/60 Hz
Power Cord Length: 41.5"
27-watt high-output for ultraviolet wash
Eco-friendly LED replaces standard tubes
360 degree Adjustable brackets for easy positioning
Easy setup on the wall and the floor


Blue LED UV Stage Light Bar

Featuring black-painted high quality aluminum housing, stainless steel adjustable mounting bracket, and 9 super bright rectangular LED Stage Lighting, this durable and energy-efficient LED wall washer lights indoor is an ideal mid-size light choice for off-road use and will illuminate everything in front of you


Indoor/Outdoor Blue LED Uplights

The smart, compact, and tough construction of this LED stage light bar can withstand any harsh conditions, while eco-friendly low power consumption design comes with integral heat sink for longer life span.


Beautiful Blue LED Event Lighting

Our multi-purpose LED Stage Lighting comes with a wiring harness and mounting brackets for a quick, easy and safe installation. With exceptional LED color temperature of 4000K, the heavy-duty LED bulbs of this LED stage light bar will exude super bright luminosity wherever you need it. Applications of this versatile LED wall washer lights indoor and LED uplights outdoor are infinite, use it as an Off road vehicle LED lighting, emergency & rescue LED Lighting, Backdrop Lighting, ATV, UTV, & Golf cart lighting, boat & marine LED lighting, agriculture LED lighting, heavy equipment lights, farming lights, household lighting, and so on!


Additional Information:

  • Material: Aluminum Housing
  • Case Color: Black
  • LED Color: Blue
  • LED Count: 9
  • Total Watt: 27W
  • Each LED: 3W
  • Power Supply: 110v-240v AC / 50-60Hz
  • Color Temperature: 4000K
  • Item Length: 19"
  • Item Width: 2"
  • Item Height: 2"
  • Size of Each Light: 2.25" Length x 0.75" Width
  • 1 X LED Light Bar

Package Includes:

  • 2 X Mounting Brackets
  • 2 X Screw Caps
  • 1 X Power Cord with a 3 Prong Plug (41.5")
How to get black light effect with this LED blacklight
  • Ensure a totally dark area. Work with whites and fluorescent materials.
  • The more sensitive the fluorescent materials is, the brighter it glows.
  • The more UV black lights is applied, the brighter it glows.
  • The closer the light source to the materials, the brighter they glow.
  • Choose the best position and adjust light direction according to work site.
  • Please note: this blacklight can get better lighting effects without affected by other bright lights.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This item requires a 110V voltage jack to use. If you have 220V plugs like most countries outside of USA do, you will require a converter. If our 110V item is plugged directly into a 220V jack, it will cause a malfunction in the wiring and the item will break. We will not be held liable for machine damage or any other damages attributed to not following directions.