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3" Tall Gemcut Glass Crystal Votive Candlestick Holder With Gold Metal Stem

Item Number: CHDLR_GLAS_004

$2.99 Sale Price
$724.00 Retail Price

  • Material: Crystal with Gold Metal Stem
  • QTY: 1pc/order
  • Height: 3"
  • Top Diameter: 1.5"
  • Opening: 1"
  • Depth: 0 .75"
  • Base Size: 2"

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Being 1.5" open, this versatile candle holder gives you full liberty to create new and exciting looks every time by lighting 3/4" wide taper candle, a 1.5 " wide votive or a tea light candle, whatever your mood and festivity requires. Crystal faceted base along with shiny Gold stem and classy 12-sided polygon cut of this candle holder will simply add an extravagant visual element to any wedding, reception and anniversary celebration! For a truly glamorous centerpiece display, place this petite beauty atop a mirror or shimmer tulle with your theme color votive or tea light candles, surrounded by crystal beads and gems, silk petals, pearls, or confetti.

Why not pamper your guests and loved ones by gifting them these deluxe beauties as a doting favor or an affectionate anniversary gift!

Additional Information:

  • Material: Crystal with Gold Metal Stem
  • Quantity: 1pc/order
  • Size: Height- 3", Top Diameter- 1.5", Opening: 1" , Depth-0 .75", Base: 2"
  • Uses: Birthday, Wedding, Party, Table Decoration, Event Decoration, Centerpieces,  Candle holder
  • Note: Candles and Decorations Not Included


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