36" Acrylic Diamond Hanging Chandelier, Free Standing Centerpiece + Free Stand, Poles and Hanging Chains

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Size: 36"

Quantity: 1x Chandelier


  • (6x) 11" Poles
  • (5x) Big Connectors
  • (5x) End Connectors
  • (3x) Tip Connectors
  • (3x) Small Connectors
  • (3x) Washer Screws
  • (1x) Chandelier
  • Materials: Acrylic Diamond and Metal
    Colors: Silver, Clear

    Overall Height (Assembled)

  • With Spare Poles: 68"
  • Without Spare Poles: 46"
  • Base Dimensions

  • Diameter: 7"
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Chandelier Height

  • With Hook: 47.5"
  • Without Hook: 34"
  • Chandelier Diameters (Top-Bottom): 9" | 7" | 6" | 4"
    Tier Gap: 8"


    Diamond Hanging Chandelier

    With such elevated elegance and startling sparkle, this splendid chandelier will give you a truly heavenly experience. Four majestic tiers of countless crystal beads with multifaceted surface cascade enticingly, grabbing the attention and admiration of beholders. With this glam gem dangling mystically all the way down from your ceilings to the tables or stage, the effect will be of pure divine sophistication. This spectacular chandelier features 4 concentric rings dripping with tons of clear, high gloss acrylic crystal strands. These sparkly circle beads are of the top grade acrylic crystals and are highly faceted to catch the light and ooze with divine luminosity.


    Large Scale Event Décor

    Extending from high-up the ceiling, all the way down for you to reach and want to climb. Not to mention, for angel's to come down from Heaven to bless you with more love, happiness and good fortune. This beautiful chandelier will definitely keep the eyes moving up and down, while making the hand desire to touch and brush the endless sparkling acrylic diamonds. And just like the countless diamond beads that make up this chandelier, the smiles, the awes and bewilderment will be countless at your event when you hang many of these beauties and shine them with colorful lights.


    Free Standing Centerpiece

    Use this as it is to create a truly luxurious party ambiance at your wedding, party, passageway, entryway, dining room, lobby or bedroom or incorporate with LEDs and lights for that surreal shimmer look and feel that is attributed to paradise. If you want that MADE IN HEAVEN experience, then this long, slender and inspiring chandelier will be up to it. eFavorMart.com is here to make that Heavenly experience possible for you to create in real life.


    Additional Information:

    • Uses: Table Decoration, Event Decoration, Centerpieces, Birthday, Wedding, and any other events.
    • Note: Candles and Decorations NOT INCLUDED
    36 acrylic diamond hanging chandelier free standing centerpiece stand poles and chains