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39" Long | 4"~6" Height 39" Long | 4"~6" Height

39" Dusty Rose Real Ostrich Feather Fringe Trims With Satin Ribbon Tape

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Quantity: 1 Ostrich Feather Trim
Material: Natural Feather | Satin
Color: Dusty Rose
Fringe Length: 39"
Fringe Height: Between 4" - 6"
Satin Trim: 1 cm (0.39")
Feathers are clean and sanitized, no smell. Ready to be used.
Perfect for Weddings Decoration, for Dresses and other Craft Decor
Note: As they are natural feathers, they may vary in sizes and shape.


Additional Information:

  • These Satin trim feathers can be used as Cake stand decors, dream catcher, mask, feather garland, and decorating for wall art, boho themed party, baby shower, nursery, birthday party, christmas party.
  • Use for many DIY projects as decorative craft feathers.
  • They’re real feather set, so feathers may vary in size and shape.

Steps to Clean the Feathers:

  • Fill the bucket or tub with warm water.
  • Add a small amount of Woolite and agitate the water to mix.
  • Swish the feathers around the water. Do NOT scrub the feather as this will damage them.
  • Rinse by swishing in clean water.
  • Reshape the feathers.
  • Dry with a blow dryer on a low setting.