4 Pack Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Magnet Clips, Silver Refrigerator Bulldog Clips 7.5oz Capacity

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Quantity: 4 Magnetic Clips
Material: Magnet + Metal
Color: Silver
Total Height: 1.8"
Total Width: 1.2"
Magnetic Diameter: 1"
Clipper Height: 1.4"
Clipper Width: 1.2"
Clipper Thickness: 1.2mm
Maximum Clipper can be opened: 0.5"
Maximum Weight can be hold: 7.5oz


Silver Stainless Steel Magnet Clips for Heavy Duty Organization

Introducing our 4 Pack Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Magnet Clips in a sleek silver color. These clips are not only stylish but also incredibly sturdy and super strong. They are the perfect tool to keep your things organized and in order. With their lustrous metal construction and heavy-duty high strength magnet, these durable clips can withstand sufficient weight and will last a lifetime.

Effortlessly access your files and notes with these stainless steel bulldog clips. They are not only efficient but also practical. Quickly sort your important documents or beautifully display your creative masterpieces. Crafted from robust metal and featuring a strong magnet, these clips can be used for everything from your to-do lists and calendars to your project work, school circulars, product samples, and flow charts. The sturdy metal construction allows these magnetic clips to hold your car keys, décor items, memos, recipes, photos, lists, schedules, logs, and any other items you wish to sort, organize, or display.

These versatile and multipurpose magnet clips offer a modern metallic appearance and can be used in various settings. Whether it's your home, kitchen, office, or classroom, these smart clips will work efficiently. Their clean and simple design looks stylish in any room or office environment. Use them to showcase your drawings and artwork or display your clothes, fabric, and other product samples to customers in warehouse, retail, stall, manufacturing, and trade show applications.


Efficient and Stylish Clips for All Your Event Decor Needs

Looking for the perfect clips to enhance your event decor? Look no further! Our 4 Pack Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Magnet Clips are here to impress. With their silver color and stylish design, they will add a touch of elegance to any occasion. These clips are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. They have a large capacity and can securely hold various items, making them ideal for event planners, wedding decorations, and party supplies.

Planning a wedding or a special event? These magnet clips will come in handy. Use them to display seating charts, table numbers, or even to hold up fabric drapes for a stunning backdrop. They are perfect for attaching balloons or hanging banners to create a festive atmosphere. With their heavy-duty construction, you can trust that they will securely hold everything in place.

Not only are these magnet clips practical for event decor, but they are also versatile in their applications. Use them in your home to organize your kitchen or office. They can hold up recipes, shopping lists, or even photos of your favorite memories. Their stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, making them a great investment for all your organizational needs.


Silver Stainless Steel Magnet Clips for Everyday Use

Our 4 Pack Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Magnet Clips in silver are not just for special occasions. They are perfect for everyday use as well. Whether you need to keep your papers organized at work or display your children's artwork on the fridge, these clips have got you covered. Their strong magnet ensures that they will securely hold your items in place.

These silver magnet clips are not only functional but also add a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. Their sleek design and metallic appearance make them a stylish choice for any setting. Use them in your office to hold important documents or in your kitchen to keep your recipes easily accessible. They are also great for displaying photos, notes, or even your favorite quotes.

With their heavy-duty construction and large capacity, these magnet clips can handle a variety of tasks. From holding up your grocery list to organizing your schedule, they are the perfect companion for your daily life. Invest in these silver stainless steel magnet clips and experience the convenience and elegance they bring to your everyday routine.


Additional Information:

  • Magnetic bulldog clips stick instantly to any steel surface.
  • Ideal for fridge, locker, whiteboard and more.
  • Uses: Perfect for home, kitchen, office and schools


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Magic Magnetics
real user review 4 Pack Silver Metal Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks, Multipurpose Hanging Hooks 3.5Lb Capacity
Worked Perfectly to Hang My Handmade clouds �️ and rain from the ceiling for my daughter’s baby shower!!
Karen P.
Verified Buyer
Bulldog clips
real user review 4 Pack Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Magnet Clips, Silver Refrigerator Bulldog Clips 7.5oz Capacity
They were perfect for my craft.
Marilyn H.
Verified Buyer
Could tow a Semi!!
I was skeptical when I ordered these magnetic hooks but boy, I was BEYOND surprised! I stuck one on my refrigerator and when I went to pull it off, my door opened! LOL I have trouble finding good hooks (I hang everything) but I will say, THESE ARE AWESOME!!
Sheri E.
Verified Buyer