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10mm Crystal Studded White French Inspired Plant Stand Pot - 21"x9.5" - 4pcs

Item Number: PROP_ROMA_18

$104.98 Sale Price (Only $26.24 each planter)
$152.22 Retail Price

  • Material- PVC
  • Quantity- 4/order
  • Color- White
  • Size- 21"Hx9.5"wide on top(base 8.75")
  • Have Rubber Weights at the Bottom for Stability
  • Has mirror layout on Top and also studded with 10mm crystal beads. Give dazzling looks at night wih lighting effects.

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Take your decoration and accenting to the next level with our splendid selection of French inspired contemporary style flower pots, columns and pillars. Made from premium quality PVC material, these intricately crafted and styled props can withstand any heavy-duty usage. Perfect blend of vintage French architecture and modern design, these stylish flower pots will bring a chic French twist to your party or wedding ambiance. Brilliantly decorated with reflecting mosaic mirrors and glittering crystal beads, our beautifully fashioned French style flower pots will transform your ordinary and dull party space into luminous and vibrant realm of festive glee. Use these on their own to glam your event up or top them upon our French style decorative columns to create a bedazzling spectacle of lofty extravaganza. Fill with fresh seasonal flowers and bushes or our artificial flowers, Ivies, bushes, and stems to indulge your guests in a refreshing and rejuvenating celebratory experience. Place these pots by your passage way or stage side, reminding of the glorious past, while colorful flowers and plants contrast with them, bringing an innovation of the present time. Revive your guests’ spirits and festive mood with these pretty pots bedazzling them with their exultant radiance!

Additional Information:

  • Quantity- 4/order
  • Material- PVC 
  • Color- White
  • Size- 21"H x 9.5" Wide on top (base 8.75")
  • Have Rubber Weights at the Bottom for Stability
  • Note- Has mirror layout on top and also studded with 10mm crystal beads.
  • Uses : Wedding, Party, Event, Outdoor, Banquet, Decoration


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