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Antique Napkin Rings - Copper - 4pcs

Item Number: NAP_RING06

$6.99 Sale Price (Only $1.74 each napkin ring)
$10.14 Retail Price

  • Sold in set of 4 napkin rings
  • Ring Size-1.75 diameter, 1" width, Center Stripe Size-.1/4"
  • Metal material
  • WARNING: Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe
  • Keep away from direct heat!

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Create a completely eye-catching tablescape with these splendid napkin rings. Crafted with intricate artistry in deep copper tone and uneven surface to impart a charming rustic feel and look, these retro napkin rings will instantly add flair and elegance to your dining tables. Mysterious obsidian black center stripe enhances the charismatic charm of these rings, making them look highly captivating. Enfolding your napkins mesmerizingly, these antique look napkin rings will transform your party tables into highly esteemed royal tablescapes. With vintage appeal and contemporary style, these metallic rings are perfect for cozy countryside weddings as well as for elite dinner parties and other culinary events.

Additional Information:
Ring Size-1.75 diameter, 1" width, Center Stripe Size-.1/4"
Quantity: 4PCS/ORDER

Uses: Wedding, Birthday, Party, Event, Banquest, Restaurant Tableware


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