41"x36" Metallic Red Extra Large Heart Mylar Foil Balloon, Photo Backdrop Balloon Quilt

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Quantity: 1 Extra Large Balloon
Material: Mylar Foil
Color: Red
Style: Heart Shaped Balloon
Overall Size (Inflated): 41"W x 36"H
Inflate balloon and paste or hang on walls using double-sided tapes
Features: High Quality, Durable, Reusable, Long Lasting


Metallic Red Large Heart Balloon

Make your party backdrop stand out with this Giant Heart Balloon! This high-quality mylar foil balloon will be the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day celebration. Sure to add visual impact and interest, the heart shape makes it especially eye-catching and will tie any space together nicely. Plus, it's easy to inflate and deflate for life-long reusability that provides a lasting impression at all your future events.


Giant Mylar Foil Balloon

This large foil heart balloon is sure to impress and make your special day even more memorable. It can be used as a festive balloon background, creating an eye-catching atmosphere. The heart-shaped design makes it suitable for a variety of occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries or any other beloved celebration. The gigantic size adds instant drama and sophistication to any space!


Photo Backdrop Balloon Quilt

Our Giant Heart Balloon can make a huge visual impact at your party, helping you create unforgettable memories. Use this vibrant heart balloon to create a beautiful wall backdrop, whimsical photobooth background, or an elegant bridal shower centerpiece. This stunning balloon is perfect for adding an eye-catching romantic touch to any decor set up. Keeps inflated for a long time, it’s also reusable and easy to inflate and deflate after use. Put up this Giant Heart Balloon and show how much you care about your loved ones!


Additional Information:

  • Recommended Inflatable Tools: Straw, Air Pump(Not included)
    • To inflate, insert a straw or air pump into the air hole of the balloon. Blow gently until the balloon is full of air.
    • To deflate, insert the straw again into the valve and slowly and gently squeeze the air out of the balloons, fold them up, and store them away from direct sunlight.
  • Note: Inflating the balloon to 90% expansion is the best condition to avoid over-inflation.
  • Balloons are shipped flat for easy shipping & storage
  • Uses: Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Holidays, Christmas Parties, Graduations, Baby Showers, Valentine's Day, Photoshoots, etc